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Rode Wireless PRO


Digital 2-Channel Wireless Microphone Set

  • Compatible with cameras, smartphones, Mac and PC
  • 2.4 GHz band
  • Range: 260 m (free line of sight)
  • TX terminal transmitter with integrated microphone
  • Polar pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Limiting sound pressure level: 123.5dB SPL (1 kHz @ 1 m)
  • Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz (internal microphone)
  • 3.5 mm TRS input (lockable) for connecting the Lavalier II
  • GainAssist automatic level control
  • 32 GB internal memory for over 40 hours of audio (WAV uncompressed)
  • 32-Bit float recording
  • SMPTE timecode generator
  • 3.5 mm TRRS jack for camera or headset allows monitoring and simultaneous recording of a third microphone signal
  • Power supply: internal LiPo battery (4200 mAH)
  • Battery capacity: 7 hours (charging via USB-C)
  • Dimensions (per module): 47 x 44 x 20 mm
  • Weight (per module): 36 g

Set consisting of:

  • 2x TX terminal transmitter
  • 1x 2-Channel receiver
  • 2x Lavalier II microphone
  • 1x Charging case
  • 1x Accessory case
  • 2x MagClip GO
  • 1x 3.5 mm TRS spiral cable (SC2)
  • 1x USB-C to Lightning cable (SC21S)
  • 1x USB-C to USB-C cable (SC22)
  • 1x USB-C to USB-C cable (SC34)
  • 3x Fur windscreen (TX)
  • 2x Head windscreen (Lavalier II)
Fås siden September 2023
Artikelnummer 574246
salgsenhed 1 stk
Capsule Type Condenser
Microphone Colour Black
Receiver Type mobile
Frequency 2400 MHz
Transmission system Digital
Channels Lapel Microphone 2
Transmitting System Digital
Pattern omnidirectional
Wireless Channels 2
Handheld Transmitter 0
Pocket Transmitter 0
Microphone Plug Transmitter 2
Receiver Width in mm 44 mm
Power Transmitter Li-ion Battery
Receiver Height in mm 20 mm
Multi Channel Yes
Microphone Type Microphone Plug/Lapel Omnidirectional
Receiver Depth in mm 47 mm
Receiver Weight in kg 0,036 kg
Transmitter Input 3,5mm TRS
Hot Shoe Adaptor No
Switching Bandwidth in MHz 2400 MHz
Power Receiver Li-ion Battery
Removable Antenna No
Battery Status Monitor 1
Output 3,5mm TRS
Charging System Yes
Rackkit No
Integrated battery 1
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2.899 kr
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21 Kundebedømmelser

4.7 / 5

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14 Anmeldelser

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The most versatile content creator audio kit ever
z b 06.10.2023
I dont want to write too much, there will be a lot of great and full reviews. This is the best audio kit for content creators. 32bit float onboard recording, timecode functions, and a lot of accessories. The package is so full that it can be used for virtually anything related to audio recording. No real faults found in the short time since I received the box. But I dont like all posiive reviews, so here are the very few negatives that I have found, and maybe some/most will be fixed by Rode in FW updates.

1) Filenames on the TX devices should contain the name of the device. I is confusing to have the same filenames on both TX devices, so you do not know which files belong to which recorder. It also hold for the drive: you cannot see which one you are ust copying files from.

2) You should be able to set time from the mobile version of Rode Central so that you can have same time as your mobile device. This could help in syncing in postproduction.

3) I do not like that whenever I take the units out of the charging case, they automatically turn on. I would appreciate a switch in Rode Central to change this behaviour.

4) The REC button on the TX units are oo easy to press and stop/start recording. Maybe an option to use to short presses to stop/start recoding would add some safety to users.

Overall, I truly enjoy the kit so far, and can recommend it to anyone.
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Anmeld bedømmelse

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Hard to beat sound
M Salman 19.06.2024
The Rode Wireless PRO is an exceptional piece of audio equipment that delivers unparalleled performance for both professional and amateur users. Its crystal-clear audio quality and reliable wireless connection make it a standout in the market. The compact design and ease of use are perfect for on-the-go recording, while the battery life ensures you can record for extended periods without interruption. Additionally, the versatile connectivity options allow seamless integration with various devices, enhancing its usability across different platforms. Overall, the Rode Wireless PRO is a top-tier choice for anyone looking to elevate their audio recording experience.
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Bardzo fajny produkt
Anonym 10.10.2023
Wszystko co napisał mój poprzednik można skonfigurować. Można uruchomić nagrywanie z poziomu RX manualnie i pliki w jednym i drugim urządzeniu mają taką samą długość i nie trzeba synchro lub ustawić automatycznie, że po wyjęciu nagrywa lub jak potrzebujesz w każdym możesz ustawić że nagrywasz klikając na włącznik. Czy pełni on funkcję włącznika, nagrywania czy indeksowania ustawiasz sam. To, że włącza się po wyjęciu to bardzo dobrze nie zabiera to dodatkowo czasu na przytrzymywanie, uruchamianie i to duży plus. Czy będzie nagrywał natychmiast po wyjęciu czy zrobisz to manulanie to zależy też od ciebie. Nazwy plików możesz zmienić z poziomu RODE CENTRAL. Nazwy TX teź możesz zmienić wystarczy kliknąć na nazwę i np. dopisać 1 lub 2. Możesz nadać swoją nazwę jak oryginalna nie odpowiada. Można było to zrobić już w RODE wireless GO 2. :-) Jednego co mi brakuje to wymienne akumulatory. Czasami nie masz czasu na realizacji na ładowanie i czekanie bo potrzebujesz już teraz. Dlatego używam non stop dodatkowo dwóch zestawów EW sennheiser. W rode PRO brakuje mi większej regulacji czułości nie tylko -30 ale od -60 jak w sennheiserze.
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Tip Top kann man nur empfehlen
comvendas 07.02.2024
wir haben das Mikrofon ausgiebig getestet erfüllt unseren Ansprüchen zu 100% der Klang ist fantastisch die Einrichtung klappte ohne Probleme
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