Which instrument fits within your budget?

Which instrument fits within your budget?

The reasons why beginners prefer one instrument over another are extremely diverse, starting with their taste in music. Some instruments make getting started easier because they are comparatively cheaper than others and because there are affordable entry-level models available. The trick is to know which ones these are. Let’s compare the prices of a few of our instrument candidates:

Guitar in all its forms

The guitar in all its variants is still one of the most popular instruments, this goes for both acoustic and electric ones. Its popularity certainly has to do with the immense versatility of the instrument and the fact that it is suitable for countless musical styles. In addition, the price for the first instrument is manageable.

Thanks to advanced manufacturing, there are some very sensibly-priced electric guitars on the market in the price range between 100 to 300 Euros, such as models from Harley Benton. Make sure to calculate the necessary accessories for electric guitars, i.e. cables,  a practice amp, a strap and picks.

Here are 3 budget categories including a selection of guitars for all tastes:

Piano & Co. – the popular keyboard instruments

The piano and its various relatives from the family of keyboard instruments have long held their own on the popularity scale. With a piano or electric piano, we’re talking about a fairly broad price range. For example, models are offered from around 3,500 euros upwards. Highly priced pianos are not uncommon, e.g. from Yamaha, Steinway & Sons or Seiler.

Fortunately there are also a lot of more affordable options that you can get started with, without thinking twice. Here are 3 budget categories for excellent keyboards to get started with:

Violins, violas cellos: charm of classic strings

We don’t want to discuss Stradivari instruments here, which are doubtlessly fantastic instruments, but some of which cost millions of Euros. It is clear that master violins for advanced and professional players can easily pass the 10,000-Euro mark. The good news, for beginners, is that there are inexpensive entry-levelstudent and advanced models available for violins. In some cases we are in the price range of a few hundred Euros and even less.

You have to keep in mind that there are age-appropriate sizes for kids, such as the 1/2, 3/4 or 7/8 violin. This means that the instrument needs to be replaced by another one as the child grows, as is the case with most other string instruments. You have to factor in the addition of the bow, the extension of the player’s soul ?

Off to the brass & woodwind section

If you want to enter the world of wind instruments, you will find a wide range of candidates from the saxophone, clarinet and flute to flugelhorn, trombone, tuba and many more. The most popular ones include the trumpet, the saxophone and the flute. Reasonable flutes and student trumpets will cost you around 150 euros; Saxophones settle somewhat higher due to the more complex mechanics; we can assume about twice the price. Your calculated advantage of these natural instruments is that you hardly need any accessories.

Here is a selection of affordable and beginner-friendly wind instruments here.

It is clear that highly professional quality knows no limits, also with regard to prices. Initially, however, it remains questionable whether beginners can notice or use these sometimes nuanced differences. It is always better to acquire an instrument that corresponds to respective skills, level of learning and age. Your kids, or you, as responsible parents, can reach for the instrument masterpieces later.

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