Top 5 Audio Interfaces 2022

Top 5 Audio Interfaces 2022

When it comes to audio interfaces, in 2022 there were once again excellent innovations on many important aspects. We’ve put together our top 5 for you, which despite their diversity, they all have one thing in common: they are our best audio interfaces of the year!


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Rode Rodecaster Pro II

The Rodecaster Pro II is the latest version of the complete audio production center. As a real all-rounder , it provides everything you need for podcasting , streaming and producing. Four inputs can amplify microphones in a very high quality, but also accept guitars, keyboards and other signals. With a variety of controls and pads that can be freely assigned with your own sounds, but also four (!) headphone amplifiers, the Rodecaster Pro II can shine in all streaming and recording situations. Two computers and/or tablets/smartphones, at the same time, can be connected as hosts, Bluetooth, built-in effects and a quality display leave nothing to be desired. So nothing stands in the way of your own successful podcast, song or stream!

Audient iD44 MKII

The Audient iD44 MKII shows that USB audio interfaces with a practical desk housing do not have to be large devices. The four Class-A microphone inputs can be expanded with two ADAT sockets – to an impressive 20 input channels . Even a word clock output was installed! The USB audio interface has a DSP-supported mixer and a built -in monitor controller that addresses two pairs of loudspeakers and two independent headphone outputs. This interface is a future-proof investment, because it grows with the demands!

Universal Audio Volt 276

One of the most celebrated companies in audio engineering is Universal Audio, with their famous LA-2A analog tube compressor and their 1176 limiter, which have both been part of many famous recording studios in the past and present. With the Apollo series, UA has also made a name for itself among audio interfaces in the high-end sector. Now there’s the affordable Volt series of USB-C interfaces. The Universal Audio Volt 276 , for example, has two mic preamps with vintage mode, is bus-powered, offers direct monitoring and, as an absolute special feature, has a 76-compressor based on the famous 1176 circuit. All this is available in a small console housing for a very moderate price! Now everyone can make recording history!

Arturia Mini Fuse 2 White

You can see, at first glance, that this small USB-C interface is a beauty. But what’s inside is more important: As a two-channel audio interface, it can process microphone, instrument and line signals with its two combo jacks. It’s then converted with a sample rate of up to 192 kHz and a quantization of 24 bits. Headphones and studio monitors can also be connected. Despite the low price, there are two special features: A USB hub is integrated so that memory sticks or USB controllers and the like can be connected. You can also tell that Arturia comes from the forefront of electronic sound generation: The Arturia Mini Fuse 2 White has a MIDI input and output. This also makes the Mini Fuse 2 an excellent choice for electronic musicians!

Presonus AudioBox GO

It’s not a joke: the Presonus AudioBox GO will fit in many pockets. At the same time, it’s a full-fledged audio interface. For the many situations where a microphone is sufficient, the bus-powered USB-C device is just right. However, stereo line signals or a guitar or a bass can also be recorded. Two outputs for speakers and a headphone output with direct monitoring function are features that larger interfaces have. Mobile lovers: The AudioBox Go is class compliant, so it can also be operated on iOS/iPadOS devices. For us, the Presonus AudioBox GO is the ingenious “always there for you” interface!

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