Backstage Pass Podcast Giveaway!

Backstage Pass Podcast Giveaway!


A big congrats goes out to Iulian Cazan, Nina Kosem and Marius Lee! A special thanks goes out to everyone who participated! Your topic ideas did not go unnoticed!

All the best,
Your Thomann Team


To celebrate the success of our new podcast Backstage Pass with Hannah Trigwell, we’ve decided to do a giveaway to encourage others, including you, to start your own podcasts. We feel it’s a great way to express yourself and if you’ve got something to say or some knowledge to share then why not go for it!

How to enter the giveaway:

To participate in this giveaway you must post a comment under the Backstage Pass video below and suggest a topic you would like Hannah to discuss in upcoming episodes. You must also subscribe to the Thomann Music YouTube channel and that’s it, it’s that simple! Just make sure to post the comment under the video on YouTube, not here on the The winner will be picked by a random comment picker tool and will be announced in a pinned comment under the giveaway video shortly after the competition is over. The competition will run for 10 days, from June 20th (15:00 CEST) to June 30th (23:59:59 CEST)

Don’t forget to read the Terms & Conditions for the contest HERE.


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What you can win:

Now here’s the best part: Three winners will win a fully-loaded podcasting bundle consisting of fantastic products from some leading brands. Check it out:

The podcasting prize bundles consist of: ??

a Lewitt LCT 440 Pure condenser mic, a pair of Swissonic ASM7 monitors, a Universal Audio Arrow USB interface, a Millenium DS200 Silver mic arm, the t.akustik ISO-Pad 6 and a pair of pro snake TPM 2,0 CC mic cables

??? Good luck!

About the Backstage Pass podcast:

Backstage Pass” is a weekly video and audio podcast. It will be hosted by Hannah Trigwell and is a guide for upcoming artists and newcomers, discussing the music scene, musicians’ struggles and understanding the industry side of things.

We will be inviting a different guest to each episode: From beatmakers, independent artists, producers to label managers, booking agents, festival organisers and radio hosts, covering topics that will help you take the next steps in your musical career with more confidence.

The podcast is aired on Spotify, Deezer, Apple and Google Podcasts and a video-podcast of Backstage Pass is featured on our Youtube Channel Thomann Music (or embedded right here ?)


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Author’s gravatar
Joe has been singing since he can remember and started playing guitar when he was 10. He's been using it as a songwriting tool ever since. He is passionate about melody and harmony and admires musicians who create these in unique ways. Check out his alternative / indie projects Best of Feelings and Zef Raček.


    I would like to learn about asmr and popular can be for relaxing

    A podcast about the difference between major and minor scale progression, would be interesting to listen to.

    How about “how to work with a D.A.W.” – basic principles…for beginners…?

    What about podcast regarding pc hardware and software not brand related bud just specs to get a good instrument that you can trust making your own productions

    How do I get my product distributed so that it doesn’t get lost in the many other recoding artists?

    Please make a podcast of how to make a good quality podcast without the gear you’re offering as a win? With a phone,bed sheet,etc… Thanks.

    A podcast about music business and how to make a living by producing audio contents!

    Interesting !
    I would be interested in a podcast about “What are the best ways to communicate (media, frequency,…) and should I do it alone or pay a professional (how much ?)”
    Thanks !

    I’d like to get a little guidline on how to record a lot of music while having a fulltime job / how to manage time in the best possible way without loosing the motivation after pushing too hard towards goals.


    An interesting topic could be: hilarious stuff that happens before and during performances and how they impact the artist and audience

    Whar advice would you give on promoting a podcast?

    An episode about the importance of digital promotion would be great, eg. getting on Spotify playlists, YouTube premieres on well-known channels (how it works), wether it’s best to look for outside help or DIY given the goals. How to navigate in this sea of content and get from A to B, instead of constantly getting stuck in the middle for the wrong reasons (making mistakes promotion-wise).

    A podcast about what influences you!

    New technologies, iPad integration with analog gear.

    New music prod. technologies, mastering, vocal mastering, vocal tuning, digital promotion, you can also invite vocalists and vocal trainers etc.
    I love the effort that you put into educating others about podcasting with all the people that will be guests and you yourselves, lots of love and support <3

    Number Stations or wierd suff like the Taos Hum.

    Podcast monitor levels, compresion , eq .

    A topic about HRTF, psycho-acoustic spatialization and physics in music would be something NEEDED !!

    describe the billie ellish phenomenon.

    A podcast about volume control by distance to mic

    You can talk about female singers in Rock.

    It would be very interesting to listen to a discussion about whether there is a limit, over which, technology can actually harm the creative process, and how to avoid exceeding it.

    A podcast on her general upbringing into music and how she practices

    Talk about life in lockdown

    What are the more efficient ways to market my podcast?

    What are common technical issues to plan for during a podcast?

    A review of some of her favorite processing plug-ins would be great:)

    A podcast about sources of inspiration

    ‘i would like to learn about the best ways to record podcasts and/or music while practicing social distancing.

    A great topic would be different and creative ways That musicians and propre who works around musicians (managements, sound and light companies, venueholders or clubs) survives this pandemic and maybe come out stronger on the other side.

    Hmm i like so much this idea
    And thoman is the best.
    You give the future for me for all
    Thnx for this i liked to have those..
    Music music is life
    A podcast about sources of inspiration

    How artists and venues are impacted by the lockdown

    Well will gladly talk about music gear (guitar player) how to overcome some skills or what is good when you want to start singing ?

    Would be benefical to talk about important speaking and voice tips in order to sound like a podcasting pro.

    Hi Hannah ! I would like to ask you how do you create the structure for your compositions. Do you follow a pattern (for your lyrics parts, bridges, intros, outros, etc) and respect a specific order of your song parts, or do you just let it flow, without trying to follow a … “logical” course of those song parts. Thank you Hannah !

    I need new stuff for my studio haha

    A podcast about managing downtime between tours and releases would be awesome – tips for routine and lifestyle. Or a podcast about most awkward things that have happened at gigs or meet and greets. 🙂

    An exploration of songwriters voice-notes would be hilarious and mortifying.

    Hello, a podcast about making money with music could be nice :p

    Hi there, i would like to see some copyright tips so that no one gets in trouble.

    Remix and problems that they cn get you

    Differences between mixing your self and sending your song to a good mixer

    A podcast about home studio composers! 🙂
    Good luck everyone!

    I would be interested to know how to select a DAW based on their unique features.

    Gain staging for film audio

    Poscad about apples, I’m a live sound engineer but I really like apples.

    Podcast about apples,
    I am a live sound engineer but I really like apples and I would love to know more about apples in a podcast.

    one on setting up your own podcast

    A roadmap for artists thinking about going on tour (it will happen again…!). Starting small — booking a show in a local venue — and outlining what kind of things need to be considered as you get bigger.

    A podcast about different approaches of mixing for different genres would be so cool!! Cheers everyone! 🙂

    Do it about the future of live music and how people react as being in a festival just for meeting each other rather than listening to music and the artists.

    A podcast about music collaboration between international artists

    I’d like to know how to get a good sounding voice recording in a home studio environment and on a tight budget. Mic choice and room treatment and things like that! That’d be great! Thanks!

    The slogan for Country Music still is: ” 3 chords and the truth”
    So an interesting topic could be
    “Why, even today, a true story or experience is still the best basis for a song!”

    An interesting topic would be everything around music but more likely for me would be around producing and sound acoustics something like “positioning your monitors” or “how to find your right size monitors for your room” .etc

    I’d like to hear a podcast on the personal definition of musical influence. How using different influences in varied genres from bands and artists and where it brings you in your creativity. Who are the artists that sneak in that might be influential but outside of the box and how do they affect you?

    ”How you prepare for your podcast: what platforms do I send from, how to handle with royalty music etc.?”

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