Lewitt LCT 440 PURE


Large diaphragm condenser microphone

  • Cardioid
  • 25.4 mm capsule gold-plated
  • Dynamic range: 134 dB-A
  • Max SPL 0.5% THD: 140 dB
  • Robust zinc die-cast housing
  • Gold coater 3-pin. XLR connector
  • Dimensions: 138 x 52 x 36 mm
  • Weight: 310 g
  • Incl. DTP40 Lb leather case, LCT 40 SH microphone spider, LCT 40 PSx magnetic pop filter, LCT40 Ws windscreen
Available since April 2017
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Tube No
Switchable Polar Pattern No
Omnidirectional No
Cardioid Yes
Figure-8 No
Low Cut No
Pad No
shockmount included Yes
USB Microphone No
Condenser Microphone 1
Polar Pattern Cardioid
inkl. Clamp 1
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A budget-friendly allrounder

The LCT 440 Pure from Lewitt is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. It makes studio-quality recordings possible and is suitable for vocals and acoustic instruments. This model, which was first launched at the 2017 NAMM show, is the smallest and most compact microphone in the LCT series and requires a 48-volt phantom power supply. It features a simplified design that dispenses with control elements, which makes recording particularly easy. Simply connect the mic, adjust the volume and gain, and you're all set. No matter what instrument you wish to record, the LCT 440 Pure is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Excellent results through effective technology

The LCT 440 Pure delivers a clear high end and has a low signal-to-noise ratio of 87 dB(A); its sensitivity is 27.4 mV/Pa. The microphone has a dynamic range of 133 dB(A), which means it can effectively record even soft whispers. Its wide frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz also means that sources with a lot of low end (e.g. the toms in a drumkit) can be recorded. At the heart of the condenser microphone is a gold-sputtered capsule with a diameter of 25.4 mm, which is installed in a robust, zinc diecast housing, and the mic's XLR connection is also gold-plated to protect it against corrosion. And since the LCT 440 Pure weighs just 310 grams, it is very easy to transport.

Entry-level microphone for high-quality recordings

The LCT 440 Pure is aimed at musicians and budding engineers who are looking for an affordable all-round microphone that offers studio-level recording quality. Whether the task is to record vocals in your home studio or mic up the guitar amps in your rehearsal room: This condenser microphone is versatile enough to be used in a wide range of recording situations. Thanks to its minimalistic design and front-facing capsule, even beginners can operate it without difficulty. What is more, the scope of delivery also includes useful accessories to aid the recording process: A shock mount to acoustically decouple the microphone, a magnetic pop filter, and a wind shield as well as a leather carrying case that will save a lot of space when transporting the LCT 440 Pure.

About Lewitt

Founded in Vienna in 2010, the midsize Austrian company Lewitt describes itself as the world's fastest-growing microphone brand, and indeed Lewitt has quickly made a name for itself among producers. The reason: The firm has a passionate team that produces remarkably transparent-sounding condenser microphones with low self-noise. Development takes place in Austria, but by producing the microphones in China, among other factors, Lewitt can offer its high-quality products at extremely low prices.

Fixed cardioid pattern

The LCT 440 Pure's streamlined technology makes it easy for beginners to use and eliminates many pitfalls. The mic has a fixed cardioid polar pattern which, in contrast to many other similarly designed microphones that employ a passive element, is achieved by combining an omnidirectional and a bi-directional signal picked up in close proximity. The microphone has an impedance of 110 ohms and will tolerate phantom power fluctuations provided they are lower than 3 mA, so it can be used in combination with equipment from any price category without compromises having to be made. The LCT 440 Pure's frequency response is largely linear: From 4 kHz, a frequency boost of up to 5 dB can be expected, which gives the microphone its clear-sounding treble frequencies. The higher the frequency, the more directed the recording will be, and the mic's cardioid polar pattern keeps the recording free of ambient noises.

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183 Reviews

New benchmark
SGStudios 13.01.2018
LCT 440 pure is a beautiful modern designed large diagram condenser microphone with impressive electronic circuit and wonderful sounding 1 inch capsule, which can also be found in Lewitt hi-end range of microphones.

The microphone features impressive specs with self noise of 7dB (A) and a sensitivity of 27.4mV/Pa which means it will not introduce any noise in the signal chain and you'll need less preamp gain. It is therefor suitable for recording quiet sources such as Foley.
On the other end, it can handle the SPL of 140 dB, so you can throw it in front of the loud guitar amp or drums without worrying it will distort.
Frequency response is very smooth, with little emphasis on the upper region, which generally help the sources cut through the mix.

The most impressive thing about this microphone is the sound it captures. It is very detailed and refined, with clear reproduction of sound source(s). It's neutral and true to the source, without coloration, but tuned to give a slight boost in high frequencies. It has nothing in similar with the nasty/piercing sound of the overly bright cheep condenser microphones.

I would highly recommend using this microphone for recording Speech, Vocals, Acoustic Instruments, Sound Effects and Foley.


Lewitt LCT 440 PURE
P. Almeida 27.10.2022
Microphone with an excellent level of gain, so it is not necessary to increase the gain of the preamps to much. Overall good microphone


Hugely Impressed.
Robert487 14.07.2018
I bought this mic based on fact finding and recommendations from various youtube users.

I was looking for an upgrade from my t-bone sc1100 and although the 200-300 euro choices have some good packages the LCT Pure stood out less about added value and more about quality.The less that came with it the happier i was as i had no need for a pop shield,hard case or even cable.
You get a carry pouch,mini plastic pop shield and cradle and a very well built mic.
Compared to the t-bone the difference in quality of build is obvious,the LCT440 feels like a decent mic.Compared to the t-bone and sound i found the LCT440 to be smoother at the high end and requiring alot less corrective eq in general.
On my voice (baritone) it just kills.On acoustic it kills again.On electric guitar near and far it kills.
Trying to find things i don't like is hard as the LCT440 is a dynamite performer on everything i've put in front of it so far.The leap in quality of recorded sound has made a big impression upon me and i'm over the moon i made the choice of Lewitt.
Picking a mic when you don't have a large budget is really tough so getting it right the first time is paramount.
If you're upgrading from a cheap capacitor then i can't recommend the Lewitt highly enough.For me it's been a tangible step up in quality and it's built to last a good while.Once and if my budget allows i'll go for another Lewitt without hesitation.They have a strong reputation for good reason.


Valve for money Professional Mic.
A/P 28.02.2022
I use it for Trumpet & Flugelhorn recording at my home recording studio.
For professional music - entertainment productions.

They captured naturally, clear and crisp sound.
Avoiding the unnecessary noises from the room thanks to Cardioid capsule.
Maybe it's colouring a bit the high register, but it's very nice and working great for the Brass...
No signal sounds.
No environment sounds thanks to Cardioid capsule.
Robust spider and excellent other parts.

The only negative i can say is there is no have, -10 or -15db filter.
It needs to be lowered a lot the input signal on my card.

I highly recommend.


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