10 craziest things a musician ever did

10 craziest things a musician ever did

Rockstars are known for their odd and extreme life: sex, drugs and rock’n’roll has been the main slogan for depicting legendary musicians such as Slash, Keitch Richards, Ozzy Osbourne and many others. Apart from their amazing skills and worldwide known songs, some of them are pretty well known for their behavior off-stage (and sometimes… on stage!). Anyone remember the story about Ozzy and the bat? Well, there are many more. Enjoy the 10 craziest moment in music history!


1. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is one of the craziest musicians ever – from biting off a bat head on stage (although he didn’t know the bat was real) to snorting ants from the floor, the “Madman” led a life that would have killed the strongest man on earth. Despite all of this, he’s still alive and kicking, touring and singing everyday. Scientists once performed a test on his blood, eventually discovering that his DNA was altered after decades of drug and alcohol abuse and they couldn’t believe how he managed to live that long. Long live the Prince of Darkness!


2. Keith Moon

The former “The Who” drummer was known for his extreme life. Unfortunately, the musician left us in 1978 due to a Heminevrin overdose, a drug that’s prescribed to prevent symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. During his life he made a name of himself both for his drumming skills but also for his habit to pick up fights and destroy things while being heavily drunk. After a bad fight during a gig in 1967, Moon was knocked out and taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, his band took revenge for him destroying a hotel room and throwing a full-sized piano into the pool. The band was presented a 24,000$ bill (roughly 171,000$ in present day!). Moon used to drink way too much and mix alcohol with drugs and, during a gig in 1973, he passed out on stage. The coolest thing about it? A 19-year-old boy from the crowd finished the set!


3. Slash

Slash has been sober since years now – precisely, after a near-death experience where he was told he could have died at 35. Right before toning down his drug abuse, Slash used to blow out his advance paycheck by buying insane amounts of heroin and cocaine. In the early ’90, while high on drugs, he became convinced that a monster that looked like The Predator was chasing him with weapons and managed to run completely naked through an Arizona golf resort, smashes a glass door, took a maid as a shield and then hide behind a lawnmower. And if this wasn’t enough, what about the time when he picked up a Mountain Lion as a pet and kept it in his hotel room? While in Beijing Curtis (that was the Lion’s name) escaped from the cage and completely destroyed the room before being sedated. Classic Slash.


4. Red Hot Chili Peppers

You may see them as grown adults, playing alternative rock and having families, but the Chilis used to do the craziest things in the scene, both on- and off- drugs. One of the most memorable moments was certainly their Kit Kat Club concert back in 1983, where they performed completely naked with just a sock on their intimate parts. It quickly became a trademark of the band that kept on performing like that for decades before finally… growing up. Footages of those concerts can be easily found online.


5. Keith Richards

Every member of The Rolling Stones is famous for crazy stories involving drugs, groupies and drugs. Even considering the stories revolving around Mick Jagger, nobody beats Keith Richards when it comes to the most insane stories in the Rock’N’Roll history. Urban legends involving complete blood transfusion may be taken as funny and evocative stories but one thing is for sure: Keith deliberately admitted to snort and smoke his own father ashes. Did he gained extra years after that? We’re not sure, but Keith is still alive and kicking despite his extreme life!


6. Iggy Pop

The ‘Lizard Man’ is so iconic that it’s hard not to imagine him shirtless and bent down on the stage. Credited for inventing the stage dive, Iggy was a real provoker and crazy punk rocker. One of his main stage antics involved slashing himself on stage while rolling around and going batshit crazy on the stage. Iggy once crossed the line by insulting a crew of bikers that attended the show and got punched in the face and beaten up badly. After getting the lesson learned, Iggy returned to the stage and kept on singing and finished the set. A true legend!


7. Mötley Crue

The band infamous song “Kickstart my Heart” was inspired by Nikki Sixx death trip. It was 1987 and Nikki shoot up so much heroin that he actually overdosed and later declared dead for 2 minutes while on the ambulance that was taking him to the hospital. Two paramedics pumped him with two shots of adrenaline and managed to revive him. Instead of resting, Nikki escaped the ambulance, found a ride back home, did more heroin and passed out again. No wonder that only a few rockstars were able to challenge Nikki when it came to alcohol and drugs.


8. Zakk Wylde

Popular belief says that partying like a rock star is the quickest road to the grave. Zakk Wylde didn’t give a shit about it and defeated death. How? In 2009, the Black Label Society guitarists was hospitalized and found out he had three blood clots in his leg. Apparently, he suffered from clotting for years to a point where the three biggest ones traveled through his heart and his lungs, but he survived. Why? His massive amount of alcohol intake kept his blood so thin that the clots were actually able to pass without damage. How METAL is that?


9. Izzy Stradlin

The original Guns’N’Roses rhythm guitarists, while not going high on drugs so much like his bandmate Slash, certainly made a name of himself. While touring in Japan, the gunners were told to pay attention to Japanese Custom officers: they tracked down a lot of rockstars with drugs in their possession, eventually jailing them for short amounts of time (Paul McCartney was one of them). Acknowledged that, Izzy’s brilliantly decided to hide the drugs in his stomach. The outcome? He spent almost 100 hours in coma. And if this wasn’t enough, Izzy managed to pee in the gallery area of a plane because he “couldn’t wait any longer” as the bathroom was occupied. We guess he has a bit of a problem with everything about planes and airports!


10. Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper made a name of himself thanks to his stage antics, lyrics, musical style and… the chicken incident. Legend says that a fan threw a chicken onstage and Cooper threw it back into the audience, which proceeded to tore the poor animal to pieces and threw parts of it onstage. In reality, as explained by bassist Dennis Dunaway, the band travelled with two chickens named Larry and Pecker and treated them like domestic animals. The incident wasn’t remotely planned and the band actually never killed the animals, but the story started to spread making them the most talked-about band of the year.


What was the craziest story you ever heard?
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    Good article, but the terrible grammar makes me wonder whether English is the writer’s second (third?) language.

    At first , I would like to thank you because I just very quickly looked on each story to know what the bone of contention is all about because I am planning to copy it IF I could find some corresponding pictures on line that I could attach on each stories and share it in a group with the site as a source for sure because some members will ask it anyway and while it’s a good group in general ( dedicated to Rock and Roll ) , a lot of the members are making a fuzz out of nothing, so when I saw your comment , I thought I will read it first because it’s useless to share it if I have to heavily edit it (as per your comment implies ) with the link only to be nagged of having changed it , I stopped reading on story #3 realizing that you are probably one of those fuzzy members from that group because what do you want ? , a Shakespearean English literature type of grammar in a BLOG which is defined or known for it’s usage of some CONVERSATIONAL LANGUAGE type of writing , so, please , get out of my face and don’t ever post again , you tire me and you are a misinformed disaster !

    Motley crue is the grestest fucking band to roam the earth!!!

    mötley crüe r frikin legends ??????

    This is nothing compaired to GG Allin.. like ozzy comes close but in no vicinity of GG’s insanity.. for enaxple”“Apparently, GG prepared by drinking whiskey and taking Ex-Lax the entire day,” says Mike. ​“The band started playing, and as soon as G.G. took the stage, he took this shit that came out like water, and it hit the floor and pulled out in a circle. He got down on his knees, sucked it up, and spit it onto the crowd. I was behind Jello Biafra, so I grabbed onto him and used him as a human shield to guard myself from this. I would say at least half of the crowd left right then. Ten people threw up and went into the other room. So now, G.G. and his band were playing, and everyone was at least ten feet back. That was the first song! He grabbed this blonde girl from the audience, and was just on top of her. She was just screaming. It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t consensual, but nobody wanted to touch him. Eventually, people were trying to pull him off her, but, y’know, there was blood, shit, and glass everywhere! So they finally got him off…and then he went around the audience and started hitting people with the base of the mic stand. Then, a girl who was into it came on stage, and he just kicked her in the fucking face, right in the jaw. She went home with him that night, after he went to the hospital. One of his knees that night was so cut, that everytime he took a step, blood would continually squirt out. It was absolutely terrifying.” “so this is list is wrong

    I’m gonna be the most crazy, YENSI CASTRO 1997.

    I’m gonna be the most crazy, YENSI CASTRO 1997.

    it does not matter what you do, no one human body will prove more ? than GG . perhaps we can look at his death as an example? to suicide out by standing in front of a train and giving them Nazi salute? any takers? I didn’t think so……

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