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Miscellaneous 4-String Basses

On this page you’ll find products from the selected Product Group, which are listed according to their current Sales Rank.

This represents the current sales status, taking stock availability into consideration.

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1 Harley Benton HBZ-2004  EUR Available immediately
2 Harley Benton Beatbass VS Vintage Series  EUR Available immediately
3 Harley Benton Bass Guitar Kit P-Style  EUR Available immediately
4 Höfner Ignition Beatles Bass V Bundle  EUR on request
5 Höfner Ignition Beatles Bass VSB  EUR Available immediately
6 Fender Squier Vint.Mod.Jaguar Bass HB  EUR Available immediately
7 Gibson Midtown Bass EB  EUR Available immediately
8 Gibson Thunderbird IV EB  EUR Available immediately
9 ESP LTD B204SM Natural Satin  EUR Available immediately
10 Höfner HCT500/1 SB Contemporary  EUR shipment due to arrive on 07.10.2014



143 Cort Action Passive 4 BK  EUR

Hall Of Fame

Harley Benton JB-20 SB...

Over 10000 piece(s) sold

Harley Benton...

Over 10000 piece(s) sold

Harley Benton Beatbass...

Over 3000 piece(s) sold

Harley Benton Bass...

Over 1000 piece(s) sold

Harley Benton JB-75NA...

Over 2000 piece(s) sold

Höfner Ignition...

Over 3000 piece(s) sold

Höfner Ignition...

Over 2000 piece(s) sold

Harley Benton HBZ-2004

Over 1000 piece(s) sold

Harley Benton HBZ-2005

Over 1000 piece(s) sold

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