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  • on 29.05.2012

    Henry from the UK: "Very easy to use website. Very good service : goods arrived quickly"

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    xxxxhael.cow­ "A really fast response time and quick delivery to Ireland. Keep it up as I cannot fault your help and great service"

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    Gleb from Por­tugal: "An absolutely marvellous experience buying from you."

Welcome to Thomann ...

where music is our passion. Musikhaus Thomann, voted best European online shop is Europe's largest music retailer. We sell all the high-end musical instruments, studio, lighting, and PA equipment you could wish for. There are also many affordable alternatives and free resources for all musicians.

Our products are covered by our free 30-day money-back guarantee and our free 3-year warranty. Delivery to the UK costs 10 (approx. 7), however any order over 199 (approx. 160) includes free shipping to mainland UK. All prices on this website include 20% VAT.


Behringer Bass V-Amp
RRP: 119.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  32.03 GBP
Behringer BCF2000
instead of: 299.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  200.21 GBP
Behringer BCF2000 B-Stock
instead of: 277.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  181.28 GBP
Behringer EPX2000
RRP: 392.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  144.15 GBP
Behringer X V-Amp LX1-X
RRP: 89.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  25.48 GBP

K&M 16280 Guitar Holder
RRP: 9.80 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  4.95 GBP
K&M 18950
RRP: 173.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  85.91 GBP
K&M 19740 Tablet PC Holder
RRP: 63.90 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  34.95 GBP
K&M 210/2 Black
RRP: 62.90 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  30.58 GBP
K&M 210/9 Black
RRP: 66.40 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  32.03 GBP

Behringer B912NEO
RRP: 571.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  161.62 GBP
Behringer VP1520D
RRP: 349.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  115.76 GBP
dB Technologies Opera 715 dx
RRP: 631.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  356.01 GBP
Mackie DLM8 Refurbished
RRP: 950.81 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  362.56 GBP
Mackie HD1221
RRP: 593.81 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  363.29 GBP

Bose L1 Model 1S/B2
instead of: 1999.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  1382.53 GBP
Bose L1 Model II/B2
instead of: 2699.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  1892.15 GBP
Fender Expo B-Stock
RRP: 903.21 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  436.09 GBP
HK Audio Lucas Impact
RRP: 2769.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  1617.68 GBP
Samson XP 308i
RRP: 479.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  299.22 GBP

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Musikhaus Thomann was awarded the prize “Mail Order Business of the year 2010” on 28th September 2010 at the official opening event of the German Mail Order Conference in Wiesbaden.  
Hans Thomann proudly accepted the prize and in his acceptance speech to the 900 guests in Wiesbaden he mentioned:  
"We do feel of course extremely honoured to be able to accept this renowned award. But somehow this award has surprised us as well, because we didn't do anything special: we just try to make our customers happy!”  
The complete Thomann team wants to thank the jury for this great award. We are a young team in our relatively exotic music branch and we are always compared to “the big ones” in the world. This fills all of us with a lot of pride.  
But we do not expect awards for what we are doing. Therefore should we receive one, it's a wonderful added bonus ...  
What we do, we do for our customers and not for certificates or awards. That is why we are so happy about every form of praise we get from our customers per email or phone, through the online feedback (on the right hand-side in the Thomann Cyberstore) or on external forums. 
We, as the Thomann team, want to say "THANK YOU" again for the great award and send a virtual universal hug to the world.
Your information is handled confidentially and securely by Thomann. Address and credit card information is transferred via a secure server and is encrypted; it thus cannot be seen by anyone but your contact person and the webmaster.  
Basically you are safe when shopping online if you consider the following:  
1. Secure server 
Please always check if the online shop you are buying from has a secure server before you enter sensitive information like credit card details etc.  
Thomann has had a secure server since 1998 which sends all information in an encrypted format over the internet. This means that all information from your desk is transferred in an encrypted format to the desk of your contact person and cannot be spied on. Credit card details are not saved on our system either and are deleted from email replies.  
2. Nosy people 
All information which is not sent via the secure server is sent unencrypted through the net and can be spied on theoretically by hackers. Generally there are only rare cases where information is taken and used (it can be compared to people standing at a motorway roadside and observing cars – such people do exist but the information they collect there is useless and it does not really matter to us that someone knows that a red car has driven by.)  
It is much more often the case that a nosy member of staff of a provider or at your work place secretly takes a look at your emails.  
3. Reliability  
There are hundreds of providers on the internet who, if at all, have a trade licence. They do not have a warehouse, dealer authorisation or official suppliers. 
Anyone can offer cheap prices, anyone can request payment in advance but not many can deliver brand new goods from official suppliers reliably and deliver high service standards as added value at a fair price.  
Reliable dealers offer general sale or return of at least 14 days – at Thomann it is even a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If a dealer does not offer sale or return you should be alarmed. (Either something is wrong with the dealer or with the goods.)  
4. References 
There are a lot of references where you can inform yourself about the reliability of an online provider. Forums like price grabber and Ciao sometimes do include unfair ratings or self-praise as well but provide a good overview on the particular branch. The Thomann Cyberstore has excellent references and therefore has been the number one for years for musicians all over Europe.

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    Only at Thomann: Gretsch Electromatic 5420T
    Gretsch 5420T
    A very limited edition Gretsch with a range of features from the Brian Setzer models including Orange Stain finish, Bigsby tremolo and TV Jones pickups at an exclusive Hot Deal price of 1099.- Euro!
    Marcus Miller basses exclusively through Thomann
    Modell M3
    Ultra-cool instruments by legendary bassist Marcus Miller in a variety of flavours including four- and five-string models, with pro features – from an exceedingly affordable 348.- Euros!
    Staff wanted!
    I Want You
    Do you want to work for Europe's fastest growing musical instrument retailer? We are currently looking for new staff members to join our international sales team.
    Conquer the world of rock: Epiphone Guitar Pack
    Slash AFD
    Pick up an Epiphone Slash “AFD” Les Paul Special-II electric guitar pack with all the accessories you need to launch your rock guitar career today! Get rocking now from only 158.- Euro!
    X-Mas Song Contest 2014 - and the winner is ...
    X-Mas Song Contest
    The Winner of the Thomann X-Mas Song Contest 2014 has been decided: Congratulations!
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