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Welcome to Thomann ...

where music is our passion. Musikhaus Thomann, voted best European online shop is Europe's largest music retailer. We sell all the high-end musical instruments, studio, lighting, and PA equipment you could wish for. There are also many affordable alternatives and free resources for all musicians.

Our products are covered by our free 30-day money-back guarantee and our free 3-year warranty. Delivery to the UK costs 10 (approx. 7), however any order over 199 (approx. 160) includes free shipping to mainland UK. All prices on this website include 20% VAT.


Ableton Live 9 Suite Upg. Live In...
RRP: 549.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  392.51 GBP
iZotope Ozone 5
RRP: 195.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  134.01 GBP
Izotope RX 4
RRP: 285.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  205.37 GBP
Project Sam Lumina
RRP: 712.81 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  528.10 GBP
Project Sam Symphobia
RRP: 712.81 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  528.10 GBP

Akai EIE
RRP: 219.99 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  140.35 GBP
Apogee Duet for iPad & Mac
RRP: 708.05 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  451.18 GBP
Apogee One B-Stock (refubished)
RRP: 296.31 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  109.43 GBP
ESI Maya 22 USB
RRP: 106.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  54.71 GBP
Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56
RRP: 789.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  519.38 GBP

Adam A7
RRP: 500.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  194.27 GBP
Adam Artist 6 Glossy Black
RRP: 700.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  315.59 GBP
Adam Artist 6 Glossy White
RRP: 700.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  315.59 GBP
Adam S1X
RRP: 1100.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  607.39 GBP
Adam S2X
RRP: 1650.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  915.85 GBP

Izotope Nectar 2 Production Suite
RRP: 245.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  157.80 GBP
Universal Audio Apollo Quad
RRP: 3051.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  1970.46 GBP
Universal Audio UAD-2 Duo Custom
RRP: 1341.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  704.13 GBP
Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad Flexi
RRP: 2197.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  1181.48 GBP
Waves Horizon Native Bundle
RRP: 2856.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  757.26 GBP

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Musikhaus Thomann was awarded the prize “Mail Order Business of the year 2010” on 28th September 2010 at the official opening event of the German Mail Order Conference in Wiesbaden.  
Hans Thomann proudly accepted the prize and in his acceptance speech to the 900 guests in Wiesbaden he mentioned:  
"We do feel of course extremely honoured to be able to accept this renowned award. But somehow this award has surprised us as well, because we didn't do anything special: we just try to make our customers happy!”  
The complete Thomann team wants to thank the jury for this great award. We are a young team in our relatively exotic music branch and we are always compared to “the big ones” in the world. This fills all of us with a lot of pride.  
But we do not expect awards for what we are doing. Therefore should we receive one, it's a wonderful added bonus ...  
What we do, we do for our customers and not for certificates or awards. That is why we are so happy about every form of praise we get from our customers per email or phone, through the online feedback (on the right hand-side in the Thomann Cyberstore) or on external forums. 
We, as the Thomann team, want to say "THANK YOU" again for the great award and send a virtual universal hug to the world.

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