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Our products are covered by our free 30-day money-back guarantee and our free 3-year warranty. Delivery to the UK costs 10 € (approx. £7), however any order over 199 € (approx. £160) includes free shipping to mainland UK. All prices on this website include 20% VAT.


Behringer AB200 Dual A/B Switch
RRP: 39.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  19.74 GBP
Behringer B1200D Pro
instead of: 365.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  205.71 GBP
Behringer B1800D Pro
RRP: 635.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  379.20 GBP
Behringer iNuke NU4-6000 Amplifier
RRP: 656.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  354.41 GBP
Behringer PB1000 Pedalboard
RRP: 139.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  81.79 GBP

Rode Micro Boompole
RRP: 49.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  32.22 GBP
Rode NTG-8 B-Stock
RRP: 956.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  574.16 GBP
Rode NTK incl. Shock Mount B-Stock
RRP: 589.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  353.59 GBP
Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro
RRP: 229.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  163.57 GBP
Rode VideoMic Pro
RRP: 199.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  138.79 GBP

Behringer B812NEO
RRP: 571.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  318.06 GBP
Behringer B815NEO
RRP: 603.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  357.72 GBP
Behringer EPS500MP3
RRP: 571.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  354.41 GBP
EV ELX 112P B-Stock
RRP: 727.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  441.98 GBP
RRP: 474.81 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  293.28 GBP

Behringer iNuke NU1000 Amplifier
RRP: 232.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  144.57 GBP
Behringer iNuke NU3000 Amplifier
RRP: 359.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  194.14 GBP
Behringer iNuke NU3000DSP Amplifier
RRP: 487.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  275.10 GBP
Behringer iNuke NU6000
RRP: 476.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  285.02 GBP
Behringer Powerplay P16I Module
RRP: 412.00 EUR, Now only:
 EUR  238.75 GBP


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