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Les guides en ligne chez Thomann, trop cool!: Drumsticks

Many Drummer’s have not yet found their optimal stick - the selection is large.

The selection of a Drumsticks that is best for you is a very personal thing.
Many Drummer’s have not yet found their optimal stick - the selection is large. Many Drummer’s , and in particular professionals, play 2, 3 or even more different models.

Different factors effect sticks; length, diameter, weight, material, surface, head, balance and geometry as well as that somewhat indefinable "play feeling".

Some Drummer’s prefer the warm, natural sound of a wood head while others like nylon because of the clear cymbal ` Pings ' and the longer durability of the head. What you are looking for is play comfort, a stick that you can control well and that produces the sound, that you would like to project. Perhaps it is Jazz or a Big Band, should it be Hard Rock or Orchestral music?

The choice of the stick depends also on the musical style.

It is best to simply try out a few models. With a bit more experience you will find which brand and product(s) suit you. A good idea is to buy a make that will still be available in a few years time. We have listed a few Tips to make the decision easier.