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Thomann TKP Jingle Stick


Jingle Stick, Medium

  • Material: beechwood
  • 6 bells and 1 clamp
  • Timbre: medium
  • Length: 180 mm
  • Suitable for children over 1 years old
  • Made in Germany
  • Contents: 1 piece

"... The instruments are ideal for young children and toddlers, especially considering the robust material which has been used and their tactile, visual and tonal values... To help a child's perception of the different types of instruments, it is indeed advantageous to have varying masses and different types of materials in the shakers. Children will notice how the weight and sound of each instrument varies." (Prof. Marianne Steffen-Wittek)

Art Sleigh Bells
disponibil din Iunie 2014
numărul articolului 340306
For ages 1
Type Sleigh Bells
Material wood / metal
Manufacturer Thomann TKP
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5,90 € 29,20 lei
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Disponibil imediat

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