Baritone E-Guitars

Baritone guitars are the dark side of the guitar world - without them, there's almost nothing you can get done in the rock and metal scene.

Baritone E-Guitars
Baritone E-Guitars

Welcome to our baritone e-guitar guide, in which we will take a closer look at the popular 6-string standard model of this instrument genre.

They are the dark side of the guitar world, and they are crucial elements in today's rock and metal scenes: guitars which are pitched noticeably lower than "normal" guitars and whose popular "growl" sets the right tone. One way of achieving the effect is to add a sixth, seventh or even eighth string below the low e-string of a regular guitar. But this comes at a cost: these instruments are more unwieldy to play, as their necks are wider, the pickups larger, and with all the necessary hardware the bodies are larger and weight more. Of course you can also fit your six-string instrument with their strings and tune them to a deeper pitch - but usually it is not intended for this purpose, and you'll frequently find that the hardware refuses to co-operate.

All these adventures in the lower ranges are facilitated more elegantly and without most of these drawbacks by using a baritone guitar, to which this online guide is devoted.

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