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Knosti Antistat Generation II Plus


Knosti record washing machine Generation II Plus, deep cleaning, prevents static charging, housing fitted with non-slip rubber feet and bristles made of goats hair, enlarged label sealing shell with rubber seal and hand crank for LPs / singles / 10 ", fill line Max. Marking the filling level of the cleaning liquid, drip stand with Drip tray for up to 15 LPs, including 1L cleaning fluid Disco-Antistat, funnel,

Termékszám 494792
95 € 34 429,81 ft
95 € / l •
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Sajnos hiba történt. Kérjük, később próbálkozz újra.
It really works, I'm very happy!
Dave Salacious 29.09.2021
Working from home during lockdown has allowed me the chance to convert my old vinyl collection to .WAV using a Pioneer PLX-500 to Macbook Pro. I was unable to get all the crackles out of a number of old vinyl using a carbon brush, microfiber cloth & lighter fluid approach.
My Vinyl had SUFFERED over time (Kids paw prints, moving house & damp apartment).
The Disco-Antistat cleaned them right up, almost perfect in most attempts, so much so that i feel encouraged to go digging in 2nd hand shops again knowing i can clean them up like new.

The Good:
-Easy to use
-works much better than expected
-Extra Fluid is not expensive

The Bad:
-Red plastic feet had to be glued in place, plastic clicking feature was not enough.
-Handle is made of plastic, I would have preferred something more robust.
-fluid WILL Spill when pouring back into bottle using supplied items.