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The history of the company Highlite International B.V. goes back to the year1995, when Huub De la Haye laid the foundations for the company. The company's headquarter is in Kerkrade (NL). The number of employees is 95 (status 2010).

Currently we have 155 Show Tec products 116 of them directly available in our Treppendorf warehouse (and of course they can be tested as well in our shop) . Showtec has been a part of our range since 1995.

To inform our customers as best we can about Show-Tec products, you will find a total of 4178 media, reviews and test reports on Show-Tec products on our website - among them the following 1481 product pictures, 69 different 360 zoom images and 2628 customer reviews.

A total of 57 Show-Tec products are top sellers at Thomann at the moment, amongst others in the following categories Audience Blinders, Mirror Balls, Moving Heads - Spot, Lighting Interfaces and Nodes, Scanners, Lighting Switchpacks and Lasers.

Our number one Show-Tec product is the following item Showtec NET-2/5 Pocket. An all time favourite is the following item Showtec Sunstrip Active MKII, of which we have sold more than 5.000 pieces up to now.

Showtec grants its customers a 2 warranty on all products. We extend this warranty for our customers by one year and offer a 3-Year Thomann Warranty.

Showtec products belong to the most hits on our website. Within the last month products from this manufacturer have had over 450.000 hits on the Thomann Online Store.

Everyone can be cheap but not as cheap as Thomann :-) Only within the last 90 days we have lowered the prices of 18 Showtec products.

founder Huub De la Haye
founder Huub De la Haye
head office in Kerkrade
head office in Kerkrade
Showtec company logo
Showtec company logo

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