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Slate Digital Virtual Microphone System
Slate Digital Virtual Microphone System
Slate Digital Virtual Microphone System VMS, a hybrid microphone and software preamp modeling system that gives access to virtually any signal path tone, system includes an extremely transparent and flat ml-1 cardioid condenser microphone matched to the vms hard- and software, totally neutral vms one...
1.299 €
Audient ASP 880
Audient ASP 880
8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier
  • With insert points and AD converter
  • 2 Hi-Z Class A instrument inputs for guitar/bass
  • 8 Inserts
944 €
1.099 €
Behringer ADA8200 Ultragain
Behringer ADA8200 Ultragain
AD/DA Converter
  • Successor to the Behringer ADA8000 Ultragain
  • 8-Channel AD/DA transformer 24-Bit at 44.1/48 kHz
  • 8 Integrated microphone amplifiers (designed by MIDAS)
195 €
276,08 €
SPL Goldmike 9844
SPL Goldmike 9844
SPL Goldmike 2-channel Class A tube preamp, 48V phantom power, phase reverse switch, pad switch, flair switch, XLR Mic Input, XLR Line Out balanced, 1/4" Line Out unbalanced, 19", 2U
499 €
865 €
Tube Microphone Preamp
  • Hand selected 12 AX7A tube
  • Phase reverse switch
  • XLR (balanced) and jack (unbalanced) inputs and outputs
44 €
59 €
ART DJ Pre II - phono preamp with RIAA EQ, acts as an interface between your turntable and your audio recording / playback system. analog input capacitance can be switched between 100pF and 200pF to optimize your phono cartridge response. Switchable low cut filter, gain...
48 €
65 €
JoeMeek threeQ
JoeMeek threeQ
JoeMeek ThreeQ 9.5" Channel Strip - compressor, EQ, VU meter, mic/line inputs, +48V phantom power, 1.2kohm/20kohm input impedances (mic/line), 0dB to 60dB pre-amp gain range, 10Hz to 70kHz frequency response (-3dB), +19.5dBu/+44.5dBu maximum input before clipping (mic/line), +4dBu/-10dBv switchable nominal output level, 12V ac mains...
199 €
354,62 €
Behringer MIC2200 Ultragain Pro
Behringer MIC2200 Ultragain Pro
2-Channel Tube Mic Preamp
  • Mic / Line switchable
  • 48V phantom power
  • Adjustable / switchable HP (15-350Hz/12dB)
77 €
138,04 €
Audient ASP800
Audient ASP800
Audient ASP800, 8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier and ADC with HMX & IRON, 8 x World Class Audient Console Mic Pres, 2 x Retro Channels with Dual Stage COLOUR Saturation Controls - HMX & IRON, 2 x Discrete JFET Instrument Inputs, Pristine 118-dB Burr-Brown A-D Converters,...
699 €
SSL X Logic Alpha VHD Pre
SSL X Logic Alpha VHD Pre
4-Channel SSL Preamp
  • Ultra-clean with 75 dB gain
  • 48V Phantom power
  • 20 dB Pad
1.299 €
1.655,09 €
Warm Audio WA-412
Warm Audio WA-412
Warm Audio WA-412, 4-channel microphone and instrument amplifier; 100% discrete, transformer-balanced circuit; altran usa custom premium input and output transformers; x520 operational amplifier in each channel (can be exchanged, if necessary, as plugged into socket); 65db gain; transmitter-balanced xlr & active instrument inputs; supports balanced...
1.499 €
1.710,03 €
DBX 286 S
DBX 286 S
Microphone processor
  • Studio / Live microphone preamp
  • 48V Phantom power, de-esser, enhancer, compressor and expander gate
  • Design: 19", 1U
155 €
219 €
Behringer MIC100 Tube Ultragain
Behringer MIC100 Tube Ultragain
High-End Microphone/Line Tube Preamp
  • For studio-, live- and hard disc recording applications
  • UTC technology and hand-selected 12AX7 tube for an exceptionally warm sound with minimal noise
  • Sound processing tool for virtually any sound source
38 €
48,79 €
Antelope MP32
Antelope MP32
Antelope MP32, 32-channel console-grade mic pre @ line dual stage amplifier input, channel 1-4 mic pre and @line hiz dual stage amplifier input, independently assignable phantom power, programmable gain, 4 dsub-25 connector (32-channel outs), usb full speed interface for software control panel, intuitive control panel...
2.999 €
3.395 €
Warm Audio TB12 Tone Beast
Warm Audio TB12 Tone Beast
Microphone Preamplifier
  • 1 channel with CineMag transformer
  • 71 dB Gain
  • Tone button to switch the impedance from 600 ohms to 150 ohms for mic and Hi-Z input
711 €
822,29 €
AMS Neve 1073 DPA Preamp Stereo
AMS Neve 1073 DPA Preamp Stereo
Stereo Microphone Amplifier
  • Based on the well-known Class A amplifier
  • Legendary Neve sound
  • trafosym i/os
2.666 €
Eventide Mixing Link Mic Preamp
Eventide Mixing Link Mic Preamp
Eventide Mixing Link Mic Preamp, high quality mobile mic preamp, effect pedal format, works with dynamic microphones and condenser or ribbon microphones with a maximum of 65 dB gain, 48V phantom power, instrument inputs and balanced inputs for line inputs, aux input and output, output...
285 €
355,81 €
Avalon U5
Avalon U5
Mono Instrument & DI Preamplifier
  • Pure Class A technology
  • With 6-way EQ
  • 9.5" 2 RU
689 €
725,90 €
SSL X Logic Alpha Channel
SSL X Logic Alpha Channel
Solid State Logic XLogic Alpha Channel - professional ultra-clean mono mic preamp with line level & Hi-Z instrument input switches, variable 'Harmonic Drive’ circuit, a time machine of distortion characteristics, hi-pass filter with selectable cutoff frequency (40/80/120Hz), integrated professional quality A/D conversion with auto sample...
1.150 €
1.208,84 €
Midas XL 48
Midas XL 48
Microphone Preamp
  • Phantom power
  • Switchable pad and polarity per channel
  • Adjustable low and high pass
999 €
1.725,50 €
AMS Neve 1073 DPX Dual Preamp & EQ
AMS Neve 1073 DPX Dual Preamp & EQ
Dual Preamp & EQ
  • Analogue microphone preamplifier
  • Stereo
  • Based on the well-known Class A preamp design with 3 band EQ: +/- 16 db
4.599 €
Universal Audio 6176
Universal Audio 6176
High quality channel strip
  • With the 610B tube microphone preamp and the legendary 1176LN compressor
  • Microphone and instrument preamp with tube technology
  • Variable setting of gain and output level
2.699 €
3.052 €
Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator
Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator
1-Channel Level Amplifier
  • +25 dB for dynamic or passive ribbon microphones
  • To be used in conjunction with a microphone amplifier with standard phantom power on mixers/preamplifiers/audio interfaces with mic input
  • Requires phantom power
179 €
213,01 €
Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel
Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel
Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel, channel strip with transformer gain preamp, di, inductor eq and diode bridge compressor; preamplifier section: mic gain, mic trim, 48v phantom power, phase reversal, locut (20hz-250hz), di-in and -thru; eq section: 3-band eq including parametric lows (35, 60, 100, 220hz),...
3.879 €
4.516,05 €
AMS Neve 1073N Mono Mic Pre, EQ
AMS Neve 1073N Mono Mic Pre, EQ
AMS Neve 1073N, micpreamp and EQ, Class A design 1073N microphone preamplifier has 3-band EQ (fixed HF plus two switchable bands with cut/boost capability) and a high pass filter, mic pre and EQ combination, incl. PSU for standalone, an also be fitted into compatible racks/housings...
2.111 €
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