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Saatavilla nyt: Euromet Arakno Mini Projector Mount Si
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Autopole 032 B Black Manfrotto
Manfrotto Autopole 032 B Black
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(status: 02/2017)
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Roland V-4EX
Roland V-4EX
Roland V-4EX Video Mixer
  • HDMI In / Out
  • Audio embedding
  • USB Streaming and integrated touch screen makes the device ideal tool for video and audio editing
1 898 €
Roland V-1HD
Roland V-1HD
The Roland V-1HD makes it easy to connect and switch HDMI video sources. It supports professional compositing effects such as picture-in-picture and keying allowing for graphic insets, titling or even "green screen" ideal for news broadcast or corporate training productions. Main Features: Support for video...
1 111 €
1 138 €
Roland V-40HD Multi-Format Switcher
Roland V-40HD Multi-Format Switcher
Multi-Format Live Video Switcher
  • Full support - not only for video signals from cameras, but also for computer outputs - in a large number of resolutions
  • 4 Inputs (HDMI / RGB / Component)
  • 3 Outputs (HDMI / RGB / Component / Composite + HDMI / RGB / Component + HDMI)
3 666 €
Roland V-1 SDI
Roland V-1 SDI
Roland V-1SDI, Video Switcher, Support for SDI and HDMI cameras, smartphones, tablet computers and PCs etc., Easy to operate with hardware controls, Supports up to Full HD 1080p, 3 x 3G-SDI and 2 x HDMI inputs, 2 x 3G-SDI and 1 x HDMI output, Quad...
1 938 €
Roland VR-50HD
Roland VR-50HD
Multi Format Video Switcher
  • 12 Inputs
  • 4 Video channels
  • USB 3.0 Web streaming and recording
6 333 €
7 491 €
Roland VR-3EX
Roland VR-3EX
All-in-One AV Mixer
  • With integrated USB port for web streaming and recording.
  • The next generation AV mixer that combines SD Performance, HDMI inputs / outputs, USB streaming, HDCP support, built-in Touch Multi-Viewer and an audio mixer in a compact, portable design.
  • With the built-in audio mixer, this live productions mixer can delay up to 4 frames in order to "Lipsync" with your video source.
1 866 €
Roland VR-4HD
Roland VR-4HD
Roland VR-4HD, 4-channel AV mixer, Compact full-HD switcher allows switching/mixing of audio and video with the known high-quality Roland DSPs, with dedicated hardware control faders, buttons and touch screen interface, integrates a digital audio mixer, video switcher, multi-viewer touch screen and USB video/audio streaming interface...
3 599 €
Blackmagic Design MultiView 16
Blackmagic Design MultiView 16
Blackmagic Design MultiView 16, UltraHD MultiViewer, up to 16 sources in SD, HD and ultra HD at the same time manageable, sources viewable in 2 x 2-, 3 x 3- and 4 x 4 grid, automatic detection of SD, HD or 6G-SDI, simultaneous view of...
1 655 €

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