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Audiowerkzeug CoDi
Audiowerkzeug CoDi
Audiowerkzeug CoDi, 2 channel USB Audio Interface with balanced XLR Audio Outputs and galvanic isolated USB connection, high quality sound - free of interferences, for hooking ab a computer to a professional PA system, elimates humm and buzz noise, plug and play interface for PC...
229 €
262 €
Audiowerkzeug DuDi
Audiowerkzeug DuDi
Audiowerkzeug DuDi, passive 2 channel or Stereo DI-box with two 6,3mm jack and RCA inputs. Offers excellent sound characteristics for balancing and matching of unbalanced instruments and line signals. Second pair of 6,3mm jacks parallel/link out, 20 dB pad switch and ground lift per channel...
169 €
201 €
Audiowerkzeug BOOSTi
Audiowerkzeug BOOSTi
Audiowerkzeug BOOSTi, headphone preamp built for studio and live/stage use, parallel outputs for cascading mutliple devices, ideal as booster for smartphones, tablets, MP3 Players etc., premium components and parts, soundoptimized electronics, 6,3mm stereo jack and stereo cinch inputs, clipping indicator (at 6dB before clipping), compact...
289 €
315 €
Audiowerkzeug MeDi
Audiowerkzeug MeDi
Audiowerkzeug MeDi, DI box to match and adapt MP3-/ CD-/ DVD-player, tablets and other computers to professional PA systems. Two 6,3mm jack and RCA inputs. Integrated summing stage sums stereo signal into one balanced mono output (XLR). Switchable ground lift. Beyond the use as a...
139 €
148 €
Audiowerkzeug MoDi
Audiowerkzeug MoDi
Audiowerkzeug MoDi, passive mono DI-box, for balancing and matching of unbalanced instruments and line signals. Second 6,3mm jack for parallel/link out, 20 dB pad switch and ground lift switchable. high-quality high-end-transformers, high bandwidth and best isolation, excellent output symmetry, high level stability, antimagnetic shielding, sturdy...
119 €
137 €

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