Watch the Music Never Stops Festival!

Watch the Music Never Stops Festival!

One month ago we asked the world musician community to submit an audition tape: we were looking for 5 artists/bands/performers to play an online festival. Almost 1.000 submissions were sent – ONE THOUSAND – just incredible! We were overwhelmed with so much talent and passion for music that we simply couldn’t decide so easily. In the end, we decided to give 8 spots instead of 5.

A big thank you to everyone who sent their audition tape: we loved your music, the passion you put into it and we can’t wait to hear new music from you. If you are not among the 8 artists that made it to the final voting, we encourage you to keep on creating beautiful music and never stop doing it: after all, the Music Never Stops!

Where can I watch the Festival?

Click on the thumbnail below to set a reminder and receive a notification when the Festival is about to start 😉


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The Music Never Stops Festival will air on Thursday, August 27th 7 P.M. CET (Central European Time)

Official line-up

Please show some love and follow them on their social media accounts, which you will find below:

The AnyOne

Fran Minney


Connor Shafran
Instagram  – YouTubeSpotify

Mike Ruby

Ana Carla Maza



See you there! 😉

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Simon's passion for music generated a long time ago, and led him to become a guitarist and self-produce his music with the band Onyria.


    I really like the line-up and I think all the winners deserve their position, however there is also something irking me about this contest.

    We applied but never got a response, no indication that you received our application nor any indication that you even watched our application. I get that replying to a 1000 submissions is a lot of work but each musician also puts a lot of work in their application. I feel like sending a short email or something could’ve been the least that you could have done, just to show the artists that their work has been noted…

    Still, congratulations to the winners! Absolutely deserved. Just think that Thomann could’ve been a bit more polite.

    Hi there,

    We’re so sorry you’re feeling that way, we published the winners’ names a week ago under our YouTube announcement video, on every country’s FB pages and on our Instagram Feed + Story.

    We watched every single video, including yours, yes, lots of work 🙂 We really appreciate your hard work and everyone else’s.

    Thanks a lot for participating and we hope you enjoy the show tonight!

    All the best,

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