Top 5 trompetten 2022
Top 5 Trumpets 2022

Top 5 Trumpets 2022

The trumpet has been one of the most popular wind instruments for several centuries and it is therefore difficult to imagine that it can be reinvented every year! But progress never stops, and manufacturers continue to offer better quality instruments at often more affordable prices. Here are our top 5 trumpets released in 2022!

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Yamaha YTR 3335

Yamaha’s YTR-3335 is the ideal trumpet for beginners and students, with excellent response and a smooth, rich sound. The bell has been redesigned with optimal material thickness producing a pleasant, yet assertive, sound in all registers.

Thomann TR 200S

The TR 200S from Thomann provides a cost-effective entry into the world of brass instruments. The TR 200 S is the evolution of the popular TR-4, this time in silver lacquer. An absolutely great look for an affordable instrument that has already proven itself.

Bach VBS1

In terms of price, workmanship and material quality, the VBS 1S is clearly aimed at professional users. The trumpet is very pleasant to play and can be used universally for a wide variety of musical styles. The sound is soft and full in the low registers while assertive and present in the high registers.

Yamaha YTR-4335 GII

Exact intonation is one of the main arguments in favor of Yamaha’s YTR-4335 GII. This Bb trumpet is an ideal instrument for beginners and experienced players alike. It is equipped with a new slightly-modified bell and new cylinder head covers and buttons.

Jupiter 700RQ

The JTR700RQ is the evolution of the best-selling Jupiter trumpet JTR606RLQ. The Bb trumpet is made with time-tested and durable materials, and in this RQ version the bell, main pipe and tuning slide are made of gold-plated brass and the valves are made of stainless steel. The trumpet offers an elegant and neat sound, perfect for seasoned musicians!

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