Thomann’s Synth Reactor – Afterthoughts

Thomann’s Synth Reactor – Afterthoughts

Between March 14 and 17 the world’s top YouTubers in the Synthesizer field gathered together in Treppendorf for an epic event: #TSR19 – Thomann’s Synth Reactor. You can read everything about the event by clicking here.

TSR19 was lots of things: it was fun, it was hard work, experimentation, sonic madness, musical bliss and lots of joy and new friendships. Having all our dear friends (YouTubers, Brands and Artists) here for 4 days was one of the most rewarding experiences in the history of our company.

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We can’t wait to check all the videos created on site that will be published during the next weeks on their channels! And for anyone who didn’t follow the event: be sure to check out our official playlist, hosted on our new Thomann Synthesizers YouTube channel, which contains all the videos made during the event (either by us, the Brands or the YouTubers) – already counting 60 videos to this day and more to come…

We’d like to spend a few words about our partners: Yamaha and Korg, that helped us out to organise TSR, alongside many other brands such as Arturia, Behringer, Doepfer, Elektron, Hosa Technology, IK Multimedia, JoMox, Marienberg, Modal, Nord, Moog, Native Instruments, Novation, Roland, Roli, Rob Papen, Shure, Softube, steinberg, Triad Orbit, Universal Audio and Waldorf: you guys were awesome and it was a great pleasure to have you here and collaborate with us.


LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER  /  Cuckoo  /  BoBeats  /  Doctor Mix  /  DivKid  /  HAINBACH  /  Rachel K Collier  /  Dawless Jammin’  /  Simon The Magpie  /  The Tuesday Night Machines  /  Ann Annie  /  Once Upon A Synth  /  Jakob Haq  /  PlugInGuru  /  Molten Music Technology  /  Accurate Beats  /  Automatic Gainsay  /  Noir Et Blanc Vie  /  SynthMania  /  Gaz Williams  /  Multiplier  /  SoundsAndGear  /  8-Bit Keys  /  VØSNE  /  Synth Anatomy  

Finally, we can’t thank our whole crew enough, Henning Pauly’s video team, Thomann Employees and everyone else who stepped up to help us run this event: you’re awesome on a whole other level <3

TSR19 Playlist

Did you check out the event coverage? What do you think about TSR19? Let us know with a comment! ?

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