Evil Music Gear

Evil Music Gear

Halloween is getting closer and soon vampires, the undead, zombies and skeletons will be in high season again. The good thing is that you don’t have to hide your axe or skull accessories on this night. With our creepy instruments and accessories … you’ll not only induce fear and fright on Halloween, but all year long …

ESP LTD KH Nosferatu Limited

ESP LTD KH Nosferatu LimitedThe ESP LTD KH Nosferatu Limited is ready to spread horror, with its remarkable cartoon styled Nosferatu motif, right in your hands. This Kirk Hammett Signature model with 24 extra jumbo frets will help you show the undead what you’re made of. The EMG 81 bridge humbucker provides for a classic hard metal sound. And thanks to the Floyd Rose tremolo, your solos will virtually have no limits in virtuosity. By the way, this vampire-guitar safely sleeps in an enclosed case during the day.


Casket 10805 B Bass Flight Case

Casket 10805 B Bass Flight CaseWith the Casket 10805 B Bass Flight Case you can rest your stylish bass safely inside a stylish coffin case, instead of it lingering in the shadows of your amp. Even Dracula is envious of this padded case with glossy-red satin lining and a black diamond shaped quilting seam. The hardware comes with a vintage look, aluminum edges and rounded corners, promising a robust exterior to dispel wooden stakes. The inner compartment of the bass coffin offers plenty of space for your vampire items, such as (false) fangs, sunscreen and shades.


Dean Guitars Amott Tyrant Bloodstorm

Dean Guitars Amott Tyrant BloodstormTo show you’re taking no prisoners this Halloween, arm yourself with a Dean Guitars Amott Tyrant Bloodstorm. In addition to the “Bloodstorm” lacquer on the mahogany body, this metal axe delivers evil sustain, thanks to the rich mahogany neck you can strike the strings extra hard. This Michael Amott signature model is also exceptionally tunable thanks to the Grover mechanism and the Tune-O-Matic string-through bridge system. 22 flush ebony frets, wide saddle and short scale, will get you ready for super-fast solos and nasty licks, to compete with the howls of werewolves.


Minotaur R2 Rivet & Skull Strap

Minotaur R2 Rivet & Skull StrapThanks to the Minotaur R2 Rivet & Skull Strap you can securely strap your axe for battle. This 1.50m long guitar strap boasts metal skulls and pointed studs for a tough performance. The velvet padding on the inside lets you wear your guitar comfortably and effortlessly throughout this haunted night.


Q-Parts Custom Potiknob Skull 2 Black

Q-Parts Custom Potiknob Skull 2 BlackTo turn up your hellish sound with more than just a simple volume control, upgrade your multi-string with a Q-Parts Custom Potiknob Skull 2 Black, and you’ll have this evil looking skull in the Black Chrome finish awaiting your touch.


Tenacious D The Pick of DestinyTenacious D The Pick of Destiny

Halloween’s a good time as any, to ask the devil for help in becoming a Rockstar. This Tenacious D The Pick of Destiny will help you fully exploit the powers of darkness. With this satanic pick you will always be “ready to attack”!


Tama 07-A-S-BS Oak Japanese Skull

The Tama 07-A-S-BS Oak Japanese Skull sticks can easily cut through the dense fog on Tama 07A-S-BS Oak Japanese Skullthis spooky night. These lacquered 390 mm sticks, made of extremely hard Japanese oak with a wooden head in tear form are as durable as a zombie and can sound as loud and dark as the growls of the undead.


Anatolian 16“ Hell Crash Ultimate Series

Anatolian 16" Hell Crash Ultimate SeriesIf you want to tear through the stillness of the night with imposing hellish crashes, you should consider the Anatolian 16“ Hell Crash Ultimate Series. Voluminous depth and full sound makes this symbol a real treat, no matter what musical style, as well as visually with its brilliant gloss finish, including “flying skull” motif.


Dean Guitars Rusty Cooley 7 String Skullz

Dean Guitars Rusty Cooley 7 String SkullzWith the Dean Guitars Rusty Cooley 7 String Skullz, you’ll be glad to show off the skulled paint job and inlay. Your fingers will effortlessly maneuver deep driving sounds of screaming solo at supersonic speeds. The neck profile and cutaway of this signature model with alder body were designed according to the taste of high-speed master Rusty Cooley. Therefore, this 7-string guitar comes with a super-thin neck, 24 easily accessible frets, Grover mechanics and Floyd Rose tremolo for wild solo attacks.


Dunlop Ultex Hetfield 0,88 TinDunlop Ultex Hetfield 0,88 Tin

The Dunlop Ultex Hetfield 0,88 Tin can aid you with ultra-rich sounds. This James Hetfield Signature-Pick is made of durable Ultex, guaranteed to assert merciless, brilliant tones with a biting attack – perfect for downstroke riffs. In addition, the set of six comes in a sturdy metal can, designed by Metallica’s designer Dirty Donny from San Francisco.


Thomann Skulls & Catacomb 4/4-Violine

Thomann Skulls & Catacomb Violin 4/4The Thomann Skulls & Catacomb 4/4-Violine offers you more than just a nice scary skul -look. Their timbres are made of solid maple back and solid maple sides with solid spruce top, providing rich tones and the best sustain. The fretboard, tailpiece and swivel are made of ravens black ebony, giving an extra-evil look. This violin comes with a fully-fledged violin case including bow and bow resin.


LP 204C-RT Raven Tree CowbellRaven Tree, Zombie & Demon Cowbell

The LP 204-C Cowbell made of high-quality steel is for perfect for drummers to rhythmically steer creatures in the dark, this Halloween. This cowbell can be securely screwed thanks to the Eye-Bolt clamp and is available in three terrific designs: LP 204C-RT Raven Tree Cowbell, LP 204C-ZMG Zombie Cowbell and LP 204C-DM Demon Cowbell.


Paiste T-Shirt Skull-Design

Paiste T-Shirt Skull LThe Paiste T-Shirt with Skull-Design in black, with colored imprint is made of 100% cotton and is perfect for drummers, not only on the night of the undead, but also in everyday life or on the stage in front of a screaming crowd.


Sonor SSD12 Mikkey Dee Snare Drum

LP 204C-DM Demon CowbellDo you want honor Rock’n’Roll this Halloween? You can with the Sonor SSD12 Mikkey Dee Snare Drum. This Signature Snare with 9-ply Birch shell, chrome hardware, power hoops and wide tuning range offers a balanced sound and was created by Motörhead’s cover artist Mark DeVito.


Deering Goodtime 2 Zombie Killer 5 String

Deering Goodtime 2 Zombie Killer 5 StrIf you plan to lure zombies from their hiding place, with a banjo (like Woody Harrelson aka “Tallahassee” in Zombieland), then the Deering Goodtime 2 Zombie Killer 5 String Banjo is unquestionably your first choice. Its zombie fretboard inlays, soundholes and zombie-like features make it unmistakably fitting for this night. The Satin neck finish and “Blood Splattered and Worn” look of the body/resonator also make it a real eye-catcher for undead. The slender neck makes it easy to play this zombie killer banjo.


As you can see, with the help of our “Evil Gear”, you can hang out with all the undead, vampires and werewolves that are lurking in the dark … and not just on Halloween.

We wish you a creepy night!

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