8 annoying things no DJ wants to hear

8 annoying things no DJ wants to hear

When we think of DJ’s we often imagine the likes of Martin Garrix, headlining major festivals all around the globe. There are, however, all types of DJ’s, who in their long and difficult journey in “gaining experience” have most likely found themselves confronted with the classic (often unpleasant) requests such as “Do you have any other music?” or “It’s my mate’s birthday, can you play…?” and the list unfortunately goes on.  Here is a collection of annoying phrases that DJ’s simply would rather not hear. 

  1. Can I put my jacket here?

Your personal belongings are often more safer in a cloakroom or the trunk of a car in comparison to the floor of a DJ booth. Your valuables will be the last thing on a DJ’s mind. Mixers, decks, the dance floor requires a lot of concentration, the more the DJ is interrupted, the worse the overall experience.

  1. That’s my fav song, can you play it again?

Golden rule: there are no repeats in a DJ set. Bringing in a particular song is a work of art, just enjoy the rest of the masterpiece. Besides, other people may probably leave the dance floor after hearing the same song for the second time.

  1. Can you write that down for me?

One of the worst things is to interrupt a musician during their performance and expect them to search for a pen and paper, while the next track is waiting? Just Shazam it already, or ask someone else instead!

  1. Next drink’s on me, if you spin this track from …

If it fits in the musical framework, chances are you might hear it in the course of the evening, if it doesn’t, then not even bribe attempts are going to help you, especially since DJ’s usually get free drinks. Plus they have a job to do and need to be level headed… there are exceptions of course.

  1. I don’t know the name of the song, but it goes something like…

One thing you may notice at a DJ event: the volume is high, very high. It is therefore almost impossible to understand a drunkard screaming in your ears. Even more so when the person in question is singing/slurring bass lines: “Dadada-dadadadi dadada-dadadadi tschk …”

  1. Can’t you play the whole song?

Within genres such as dance, EDM and electronic music it is not uncommon to hear snippets of popular songs used as intros or outros, often followed by other songs in quick successions. In short, it is a live performance, if you want to hear the original piece, you can do so in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Do you know where I can get some … ?

Drinks are at the bar and cigarettes at the vending machines. For everything else just ask the friendly staff, bartenders, doorman or manager. The DJ is not an information booth!

  1. Can I take a selfie behind the decks as though I’m the DJ?

Ok, “Selfies with the DJ” is not necessarily a bad thing, as DJs often post pics with the crowd in background on their social media. This way fans can tag themselves and say “I was there!”. But it’s a different story when you’re risking to ruin your performance, or your equipment worth thousands of euros just so someone can put on your headphones and pose like a DJ for their Instagram.

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Lawrence started playing the electric guitar because of his passion for rock music. Back in the day he played in a metal band, but now plays more for himself.


    I think the most annoying thing me or anyone in my group of local DJ’s has been asked is (particularly by kids) “Can you play this song from my phone?”

    Nah thanks. ask us maybe, but don’t expect us to hand you an AUX cord for the speakers.

    Worst thing a dj get told is there’s a limiter!!

    Got any RnB? even though they’ve just paid to get into a house night.

    “One of the worst things is to interrupt a musician”
    Didn’t you talk about dj’s?

    My Dad is a DJ and I help him out acting as his roadie/assistant, and I have heard nearly all of these; last summer we were doing an outdoor gig and we put up a gazebo (primarily to stop the sunlight reflecting off the laptop screen) and then it started raining and people came up to us trying to get under the gazebo. I told them “It’s not any dryer under here.” but they wouldn’t take no for an answer, I felt like saying “There’s barely enough room as it is, and this gazebo isn’t for you, it’s for the expensive equipment all of which is soaking wet, so unless you’re gonna grab a towel and make yourself useful you can piss off!”

    I hate it when a random drunk toddles over and repeatedly asks for the same shit tune every 5 mins. If you want to listen to pish music go to your local “get pished for a tenner” slappers alley, don’t come into a real club and expect us to ruin a great night playing your special keech (shite) music

    What’s the most annoying to me, are dj’s talking as if they were actually musicians..or talking and acting as if they are “performing it” “live”, which they are NOT. A dj plays OWN (very rarely) OR OTHER PEOPLE’S music on a pre-recorded media. Therefore none of this is music PERFORMED live.. In most cases it’s a f***in’ w**ker making a pile of money by taking real artists music and make a mash out of it, and then claiming they “made it”..

    You don’t know enough to comment unfortunately

    I like the comments better then the collumn however i remember playing one song (cha cha slide at a birthday gig) and for an hour ppl kept coming up n asking for it again n again. Fair to say i hate that song xx

    Christian svendsen. Have you got a clue what a dj does? Seriously it doesnt sound it.

    Odd Christian Svendsen is one of those annoying people that don’t understand the lengths real or at least dedicated DJs go to, to source their music, then buy (which also can take a while to get the right version) organise into general playlists, then more specific ones for the gig you are playing, then rehearse the set and the transitions, then potentially transport equipment, pack up and pack down, deal with the drunks and the situations listed above. Also, with regards to the comment about “w****ers making a load of money playing other peoples music and thinking they’ve made it – if they are making a load of money then they are probably playing the big clubs, which means they are probably very good at DJing. Also, that’s why artists make music, to get it played predominantly in clubs/ festivals by DJs.
    Christian NEEDS to stick to rock nights at the old man taverns. – Funny thing is I enjoy the occasional one of those, but that’s the beauty about having such an open and eclectic music taste, and understanding talent.

    Just press play….

    It’s my mates birthday, can you play Happy Birthday while we all sing it down the mic?

    I am learning Djing. Not till now, but maybe I will be listening to some of those words. XD XD

    I’m deflated,… last night my first DJ gig at a beautiful house backyard party.. kept getting interrupted by a young girl with requests.. every time she tapped my shoulder it was when I was active on my mixer and I missed or hit the wrong button… I got irritated at the stressful moment and put my hand up to tell her back up… then her aunt came up to check me for being rude to her niece making the playing song play all the way out to silence… because I was being chewed out… and then you can hear the dancers say “ it happens sometimes “… ughhh

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