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t.akustik ISO-Pad 8


Foam pads fo studio monitors

  • For acoustic decoupling for studio monitors
  • An isolation pad consists of two components, which allows you to change the position of the monitor both horizontally and in 2 different angles (4° and 8°)
  • Load-bearing capacity per pad: 18 kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 260 x 40 x 370 mm
  • Colour: Anthracite
  • Package consist of 2 ISO-Pads
Available since December 2009
Item number 239488
Sales Unit 1 pair(s)
Type Studio Monitor Decoupler
Dimensions 260 x 40 x 370 mm
19,90 €
Including VAT; Excluding 5,90 € shipping
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In stock

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514 Reviews

Ok but won't fix any serious sound issues.
TrEr 12.02.2020
I got these for my studio. Decent sounding control room, hi-end monitors on heavy, top quality stands. There was no perceived improvement whatsoever using these ISO-pads.

So I brought them home instead. Poor sounding room, cheaper monitors on a wooden shelf, basic home recording setup where I mostly do editing/arranging using headphones. In this scenario the ISO-pads actually did something useful by reducing boomy resonances from the shelf. Obviously the ISO-pads didn't fix my poor sounding room but the sound actually got slightly more focused, less boomy.

My conclusion is that these ISO-pads won't do much in an already good sounding professional environment but depending on the setting they may do something useful in simpler, compromised setups, like home studios, etc. Basically, if you've got a problem with boomy resonances leaking into the surface beneath the speakers the ISO-pads may give you a slight improvement. But if your problems are caused by room resonances, don't waste your money on this, get room treatment instead.


Not bad
mind if i do 31.05.2020
You can definitely find thicker foam for your speakers with a little bit better decoupling, not by much but still better.
I'm putting these below my Tannoy Reveal 802 monitors, and the foam with the top piece is adequate.
However, as soon as I want to angle the monitors the foam would be too thin for complete decoupling in the front, and I'd still get vibrations on my desk when the monitor is angled. I still do when it's not angled, but it's not as excessive.
Though, if you don't care that much about that little extra percent of decoupling and/or you're not going to angle your speakrs, then you'd be fine with the t.akustik ISO-pad. If you do, then look somewhere else. Get something thicker that would perserve the decoupling even when the speakers are angled.


My studio monitors are really comfortable on this foam pads.
msfeel 11.03.2022
I've had been using this foam pads for years and it does'nt collapse even a little bit.


You get what it says on the tin
Purplespaceman 10.07.2021
Does the job for its intended purpose cannot fault it there and I've been using these pads for years since I bought them. They don't compress as much as you think and the width is perfect for my monitors.

The only points I would pass on is that the pads depth *was* a lot longer in length compared to my monitors, however because its foam its very easy to cut down. Furthermore I would try to avoid putting it in direct sunlight as it will get bleached with a orange tinge.

Other than that it, does what it's made for so I would recommend.