Flyht Pro Rack 3U Eco II 35


19" Double Door Rack

  • 3 U usable height
  • 35 cm installation depth
  • Material: 6 mm coated MDF
  • Sturdy aluminium profile edges
  • Ball corners
  • Suitcase-style handle
  • 4 Snap locks
  • Continuously adjustable rack rail at the front
  • 4 Large rubber feet on the bottom
  • External dimensions (W x H x D): 535 x 180 x 460 mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Screw set included
available since July 2018
Item number 432152
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Formfactor 19"
Construction Type Double-Door
Vertical Height Units 3 U
Usable Depth in mm 350 mm
Horizontal Height Units 0 U
with display stand No
Rack rail at the back No
Service flap No
With Wheels No
Trolley No
Shock Mount No
Clasps Snap lock
Material 6 mm MDF
Color Black
Outer Width in mm 535 mm
Outer Height in mm 180 mm
Outer Depth in mm 460 mm
Weight 6,2 kg
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An okay hardcase
Fer.ta.h 13.03.2021
I have to say that it looked better in photos than when I held it in my hands.

It is very lightweight and doesn’t feel particularly robust. I wouldn’t suggest carrying expensive and important equipment in it day after day, but I guess it's okay for storing stuff in a studio and occasionally moving around with it.

It could use a couple of extra pop rivets on the timing to make it sturdier.

A bit annoying thing about it is that the feet are made out of very hard plastic, so it slides around if you put it on any smooth surface such as a tabletop. I am definitely missing rubber feet on it. Although they are advertised as rubber feet, they definitely are not.

All in all, it is fine for the very cheap price it is being sold.


You get what you pay for.....
Old School Andy D 01.03.2023
I bought this case to house a Furman PL Plus CE and a KHE AMP/Cab/Loop switcher in an easy to move package.

I looked at other heavier duty cases and also the Proel 3U sleeve - all these alternatives were around £20-£30 more expensive. I read the reviews of this case and understand that it is a budget solution.

On receipt, I agree with other reviews that it is lightweight and also a little flimsy - for example the plastic handle is loose without ever having been used and the sleeve of the case only holds its designed structural shape with the doors/lids in place. Hopefully this will improve once the rack units themselves are in place but not an encouraging start.

The accompanying screws/washers were loose inside the case and several had become wedged fast in the rails and needed pliers ro remove them.

I'm borderline considering a return but will see if it will suffice for my studio needs.

Given the "out of the box" structural issues and poor handle fixing, I would be very wary about trusting it ito protect the contents if any kind of third-party road or air shipment were needed unless it is wrapped in bubble wrap and placed back in the shipping box in which it was delivered - which pretty much negates it's raison d'etre.

IMO definitely NOT road worthy - maybe good enough for my immediate needs (TBA)

If you need it for any kind of medium to heavy use - go for a professional quality case, not this one.


Excellent 19" rack
Badders 03.03.2020
It's well made and good value for money.
Seams to be robust and fittings are of good quality.
Would buy again.
It houses my rack units for my keyboard rig.


Great value
Earlshilton 09.11.2018
Very good rack case for the money. Not the strongest on the market but fine for medium use.