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Drums and Percussion

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For Sale: For sale: Percussion module Roland TD9 and Roland kit consisting of 10 pads (5 drums, 5 cymbals), all necessary hardware and gig bag. All in a very good condition. What's in the bag? Pads: KD-85BK - 8" mesh bass pad, PD-105BK - 10" pad (dual trigger) as snare, 3 x PD-85BK - 8" pad (dual trigger) as tom, VH-11 hi-hat pad, CY-5 - cymbal pad (edge/bow), CY-8 cymbal pad (edge/bow), CY-12R/C cymbal pad (edge/bow/bell), CY-13R cymbal pad (edge/bow/bell) Hardware: MDS-9 kit stand, MDY-12 cymbal holder, 1 x Yamaha HS740A hi-hat stand, Yamaha drum pedal Accessories: Millenium E-drum bag, all necessary cables.
Pavol Dzavan from SK-03401 Ruzomberok at 15.10.2014, time: 22:23 Contact advertiser

For Sale: Sonor S Class Maple/Birch, Blue Denim Stain, Made in Germany precision made high technical quality. 20", 10", 12", 13", 14", 16". Condition is like new as they are protected in hard cases. This is a professional level set and the sound quality is excellent and suitable for a wide variety of music from Rock to Jazz. Double tom holder is included; no other hardware. Asking 1,450. Shipping is not available due to possible damage in transit, besides it's always a good idea to inspect goods before making a large purchase. Photos available. I speak English, German, and conversational French.
Jeffrey Sanger from F-34340 Marseillan at 25.09.2014, time: 18:12 Contact advertiser

For Sale: Peace Paragon Canadian Rock Maple drum set for sale. Sizes are 24x16, 12x9, 13x9, 16x16 (with legs) in Gunmetal Sparkle. Lovely, lovely kit that Iím only selling to fund the purchase of a Signia. Itís in brilliant condition, with just one or two super small marks in the lacquer (so small I couldnít find them to photograph them) and a couple of marks on the badges. Bass drum is menacingly powerful and the kit in general just sounds HUGE, and looks truly stunning under stage lights. £450 collected from Selby, England.
Luke Harrison from GB-YO8 8FE Selby at 14.09.2014, time: 13:14 Contact advertiser

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