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Guitars, Basses, Amps

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For Sale: TC Electronic Rebelstack 212 Bass Cabinet -400 Watt, 2x 12" Eminence Speakers, Eminence 33mm voice coil, titanium diaphragm, thomann 18mm plywood. Dimensions: 356 x 664 x 500mm (W x H x D). Weight: 22kg Factory Cover included £300
Trevor White from GB-IP7 6DJ Hadleigh at 12.01.2015, time: 17:27 Contact advertiser

For Sale: TC Electronic RS210 Bass Cabinet - 400W, 2x 10" Eminence speakers with 33mm voicecoil, titanium diaphragm, manufactured from thomann 18mm plywood. Dimensions: 356 x 664 x 356mm (WxHxD). Weight: 19kg including Factory Cover £300
Trevor White from GB-IP7 6DJ Hadleigh at 12.01.2015, time: 17:23 Contact advertiser

For Sale: VHT/Fryette Ultra Lead UL-100 AMAZING all tube 120w . In Tenerife. Includes custom made road case ( 300 value) 1300
Julio Barreales from E-38629 El Roque de San Miguel at 08.01.2015, time: 17:46 Contact advertiser

Wanted: Hi all I'm looking for a Boss HE-2 Hi Band Flanger guitar effect pedal. Do you sell yours ?
Adrien Lociuro from B-1030 Brussels at 13.12.2014, time: 12:12 Contact advertiser

For Sale: two Fender Acoustasonic amps for sale. I want £175 (plus p and p) for The 30watt DSP model. And £175 (plus p and p) for the new Fender Acoustasonic 150watt model (only 20lbs or so in weight). both amps have the footswitch -usually nearly forty quid extra.
Al Whittle from GB-DT2 8BW Dorchester at 20.11.2014, time: 19:12 Contact advertiser

For Sale: Aria pro II RS-850, year 1979, right-handed, 6 string. Guitar has been at rest for 15 years. First and only owner. Functioning. In excellent condition. Price: 1100.
Damjan Turk from SLO-8000 Novo mesto at 10.11.2014, time: 14:01 Contact advertiser

For Sale: Near-mint condition Rocktron Piranha High Gain MIDI Valve Preamp... Fantastic condition Rocktron Piranha High Gain (although also does very nice cleans) MIDI controlled but Valve driven pre-amplifier. If you're looking at this you probably have a decent idea of what it is, but it's a very rare and now highly sought after rock/metal preamp allowing the programming of 99 different channel presets, a multitude of outputs for driving power amps, recording desks, live PA desks, you name it, stereo effects loop (with switchable impedance level), the lot. One of the best sounding and most versatile rock/metal preamps ever made - blows the Marshall JMP-1 out of the water. If you want further confirmation, just Google it. This is a great example, cosmetically perfect barring a little rack-rash on the top from fitting into racks, always kept in a professional flightcase, never skipped a beat in its whole life and I'll be very sad to see it go - sadly, I no longer play live and so have no use for it any more, so it's got to go - hopefully to a good home where it can make the noise it deserves to!... Rear panel lists voltage as 115 but it's actually a switch-mode power supply and works perfectly on UK voltage (as it has for me for well over a decade!!)... Asking price £230 or a very sensible offer in that region. I'm happy to accept payment through PayPal and can ship at cost if required. Any questions, just ask... Cheers, Dom.
Dominic Jones from GB-BN2 0EF Brighton at 07.11.2014, time: 12:32 Contact advertiser

For Sale: FOR SALE WARWICK TRIUMPH 4 EUB Sell it for £1,500 these are well over £4000 new now! Hard to find - NO OFFERS I would prefer an exchange in person as it would be a pain to post. It comes with the stand and it's gigbag. MIND CONDITION INVERNESS (HIGHLANDS) SCOTLAND
Rafael Garcia from GB-IV3 5AR Inverness at 07.11.2014, time: 00:26 Contact advertiser

For Sale: BOSS ME-5 -UPGRADE KIT - just £12.99 Few people realise that the ME-5 incorporates the classic BOSS pedal internals that are now vintage in their own right including the: CS-2, DS-1, OD-2, RV-3, EQ-1, CE-2, DD-2, BF-2 all together with a switchable Noise Suppressor that calms the proceedings. NOW THIS all up-to-date set of BOUTIQUE Patches which gives you many great new sounds such as: Univibe, Vibratone, (and other Leslie effects), Rangemaster, Fuzz-Face, Tweed and driven Deluxe Reverb emulations, classic JTM45, Rockabilly, Bluesbreaker, 'Rectified' and 'Twang' - all classic tones in various states - and not modelled!! These new sounds can be uploaded either via sysex/midi and your PC or by manual input from the parameters chart provided. Click the link where to hear them and more details. Set also contains a wealth of Editor software, MIDI utilities and other apps so that you can fully integrate your BOSS ME-5 into your music /studio software setup. Contact direct: £12.99 - inc shipping worldwide
Mark Gardiner from GB-GU10 4JH Farnham at 02.11.2014, time: 13:35 Contact advertiser

For Sale: Gibson Robot Flying V 2008 ltd. with case, documents and accessories, the guitar has been barely used, thus the condition is MINT!!! I'm the first owner, invoice is available. 1500 EUR
Aydin Bilis from L-1741 Luxembourg at 26.10.2014, time: 14:27 Contact advertiser


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