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AKG C1000s MKIV AKG C1000s MKIV condenser microphone - cardoid/supercardoid, works with 2x 1,5v AA battery or phantom power, on/off switch, Frequency Range: 50 Hz - 20 kHz, Impedance: 200 Ohms, Sensitivity: 6 mV/Pa (-44 dBV), Max SPL for 1% THD: 137 dB. Battery check LED, includes windscreen, clip and bag....
info  155 € Available immediately
AKG C1000s MKIV Bundle AKG C1000s MKIV Bundle containing AKG C1000s MKIV, K&M 27105
info  175 € Available immediately
AKG Groovepack AKG Groovepack Drum Mic Set - contains 3x Perception Live P4 dynamic tom/snare mics, 1x Perception Live P2 dynamic bass drum mic and 2x Perception Live P17 small diaphragm condenser mics. Includes clips and aluminium case.
info  289 € Available immediately
AKG D 112 AKG D 112 dynamic microphone - cardioid polar pattern, frequency response: 20Hz-17kHz, 210ohm impedance, includes clamp (SA60). Suitable for bass drums, bass amps and tubas etc. Dimensions: 150 x 70 x 115mm. Weight: 320g.
info  166 € Available immediately
AKG C 451 B AKG C 451 B - condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern, switchable high-pass filter (75/150Hz) and pad (-10/-20dB), includes windscreen (W90) and clamp (SA60), suitable for overheads, hi-hat, percussion and acoustic guitar.
info  322 € Available immediately
AKG Drum Rhythm Pack AKG Drum Rhythm Pack - microphone set for drums comprising 3x D40 snare/tom mic, 1x D112 bass drum mic and 2x C430 overhead microphones, incl. 3 x D 40 and 3 x H 440 microphone clamps, includes alu case with soft inlay.,
info  439 € Available immediately
AKG C 451 B Stereo AKG C 451 B Stereo set - 2x condenser microphones with cardioid polar pattern, nickel plates, switchable HP filter (75/150Hz) and pad (-10/-20dB), includes W90 windscreen, SA60 clamp, H50 and case, suitable for overheads, hi-hats, percussion, acoustic guitars, etc.
info  659 € Available immediately
AKG C 430 AKG C430 Compact Condenser Microphone - cardioid, optimised for overhead use, includes W32 wind screen and SA40 microphone clip
info  133 € Available immediately
AKG Perception Live P4 AKG Perception Live P4 - dynamic instrument microphone for drums, percussion, brass and guitar amps. Cardioid, 40Hz-18kHz, 152dB SPL max, hard metal housing and metal grille, includes bag and clip. Dimensions: 110 x 79 x 44mm. Weight: 200g. Colour: Black
info  58 € Available immediately
AKG C 391 B AKG C391B Microphone - robust live and studio microphone, suitable for overhead recording and acoustic instruments. Consists of SE-300 frame module and CK-91 cardioid capsule. Modular design allows attachment of different microphone capsules. Includes clamp SA60 and windscreen
info  339 € Available immediately
AKG D 112 Set AKG D112 Set containing: AKG D 112, the sssnake SM6BK
info  168 € Available immediately
AKG Perception 170 AKG Perception 170 - professional condenser microphone with 1/2" capsule, cardioid polar pattern, frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, 200ohm impedance, switchable -20dB pad, metal housing, 135/155dB SPL (maximum), 48V Phantom, XLR connection, includes stand adapter. Dimensions: 22 x 160mm ...
info  79 € Available immediately
AKG D12 VR AKG D12 VR, dynamic Bass-Drum microphone with 3 switchable Soundpresets and automatic -10 dB Pad, very thin diaphragm,, AKG C414 Trafo, power bass, 48V phantom necessary for the Soundpresets, cardioid, 17 - 17.000 Hz, 164 dB SPL max, 200 Ohms, dimensions: 125 x 101 x 66 mm, weight 500g, colour...
info  339 € Available immediately
AKG Perception Live P2 AKG Perception Live P2, dynamic Bass Drum and Brass microphone, cardioid, 20 - 16.000 Hz, 157 dB SPL max., fixed stand adapter with 3/8" thread, hard metall housing, incl. microphone bag, colour black
info  88 € Available immediately
AKG D40 AKG D40 Dynamic Instrument Microphone - for brass, drums and amps. Cardioid, 70Hz-20kHz, 144/156dB SPL, 200 Ohms, includes clip. Dimensions: 44 x 79mm. Weight: 245g. Colour: Dark Stage Blue
info  95 € Available immediately
AKG C 518 M AKG C 518 M, condenser clip microphone, cardioid, 60 - 20.000 Hz, 132 dB SPL max, 200 Ohms, Signal/Noise ratio: 63 dB, removeable XLR phantomadapter, incl. A 400 and W 44 windscreen for Toms, Snare and Percussion
info  198 € Available immediately
AKG Drum Set Premium AKG Drum Set Premium, drum microphone set for Studio and Live application, comprising 4 x D40 dynamic Tom and Snare Microphone (cardioid), 1 x D12VR dynamic Bass Drum-microphone with switchable Soundpresets (cardioid), 2x C 214 large diaphragm condenser Overhead microphones (cardioid) and 1x...
info  1.590 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
AKG C 518 ML AKG C 518 ML, condenser clip microphone, cardioid, 60 - 20.000 Hz, 132 dB SPL max, 200 Ohm, Signal/Noise ratio: 63 dB, AKG L-Plug (TQG), incl. A 400 and W 44 windscreen for Toms, Snare and Percussion
info  154 € Available immediately

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