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Thomann E-Guitar Gigbag Premium BR


Premium Gigbag E-Guitar BR

  • Water resistant Leatherex material
  • 30 mm High density industrial padding material
  • Four outer pockets
  • "Retractable" rucksack straps
  • Neck lock with Velcro closure
  • Extra reinforcement at the end-pin, machine heads and bridge
  • Colour: brown

Internal dimensions:

  • Total length 106 cm
  • Lower width 36 cm
  • Upper width 32 cm
  • Depth 9 cm
Colour Braun
Model E-Guitar
Padding (Strength) 30 mm
Finish Leatherex
Outside Pocket Yes
Backpack Yes
numărul articolului 243805
33 € 163,33 lei
Include TVA plus 20 € transport
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Best quality in this price range
Iancu.S 27.12.2017
This gigbag is awesome. It is very well padded, solid construction and comfortable to wear. The guitar is well protected inside it. I'm not afraid of throwing it in the back of my car.
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Fantastic Gig Bag, Top Quality.
soulrebelno1 19.08.2015
I've purchased a number of these gig bags, they're a real bargain, I absolutely love them!

The gig bag will fit electric guitars up to 14.25" (36cm) wide, such as the Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul or similar type guitars; single or double cutaway. I have a PRS and a Brian May Red Special and they fit, as well. Check before you buy, but you should be okay as most solid/semi-hollow body electric guitars are roundabout the same size. Obviously, it won't fit a ES-335 type guitar but it will probably fit a ES-339.

The bag is well made from a very thick black leatherette material, which Thomann call Leatherex. It offers very good protection, will take most knocks, it's waterproof and it's easy to clean. The pockets are made from the same black leatherette, complemented with a thick woven material, which is in a really nice medium brown colour with matching piping; it's not pink like in the photos! Your guitar is very well protected as well because of the 30mm high-density padding, which is of a good quality, and there's a plastic protection strip at the bottom of the bag to absorb any bumps.

There's plenty of storage for your bits and pieces. The back-straps are great and can be hidden away underneath a pair a zippers. This is a really nice feature as the straps then don't flap about and snag things, but are very easy to get at when needed. It also has a long single shoulder strap, a handle and even comes with a d-buckle on the back, near the top, so you can hang it up, what more do you need! If you're feeling up to it, you could actually carry three guitars into a gig; one of these on your back and two others in either hand!

Overall, it's a fantastic gig bag, I just can't fault it. The bag looks very classy, it's robust, it will last for years and you won't find a better gig bag for the price. I spent a lot of time looking on-line before I bought one and nothing out there could beat it.

Highly recommended.
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Excellent Soft Case, not just a "bag"
Nathan F. 10.01.2017
These are stellar cases for the money, think of it as a soft case not a gig-bag.

The most impressive thing is that you can actually store it when the guitar is out on the stand, just fold it up and stick it anywhere.

It won't stop the guitar from getting completely destroyed if something catastrophic happens, but most inexpensive hard shell cases won't either. It will save it from the bumps and bruises taking a guitar to class or gig will likely cause. The padding is like heavy durometer neoprene rubber and very thick. Short of stomping on the guitar, you aren't going to have an issue.

However, what sets this apart is if you tried to ride your bike carrying a hard shell case, you are probably going to get hit by a car or crash into a trolley track or something equally bad. With this case, you put it on like a backpack and off you go. It gives you total freedom of movement.

Once you get to class, you can take it off your shoulders, zip up the backpack straps and carry it with the handles or the very comfy shoulder strap.

If not for the shipping across the Atlantic, I'd buy half a dozen more and get rid of all but a few of my hard shell cases, and be perfectly happy. I may do it some day anyway. They are truly a bargain.

About the only gripe would be the sort of wimpy neck support. If they could have just used a bit more rugged foam or used a single piece of the same padding to hold the neck support together it would have made the case a real home run. As it is, the padding does the job, but not much more. It feels like 3 pieces of foam that are not joined so the support is mostly supplied by the elastic strap, however the velcro of the strap does not allow the strap to by cinched down to prevent side to side movement of the guitar. I think I will likely rectify this by adding additional velcro sewed to the strap.
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"Value for money" redefined!
Jeff A. Bodhee 28.12.2018
This is an amazingly good gigbag.
I use it to carry my newly acquired Telecaster around and I love how tight and secure the guitar feels inside; especially with the neck lock.

So, for the pros:
- Your guitar will be very secure inside.
- The padding is great.
- The "Leatherex" itself feels very comfortable and durable.
- The ergonomics are very on point, with the added bonus of lots of storage pouches.
- It looks great! Even better than on the on-site pictures!

And the cons:
- The zippers tend to get stuck around the headstock portion sometimes.
- It comes with kind of a "mail bag" strap with an extra buckle on the bag, and it would be nice if it had another one on the bottom so it could be carried upside-down like a guitar. (I think it looks cool.)
Yeah, very hard to find proper cons indeed..

Now, it's not some indestructible force-field around your guitar either.
It IS great, especially when considering the price, but I don't think it could save your guitar in some truly worst-case scenarios.
But it also feels as -if not more than- strong and secure as some low-end hard cases I've used in the past.
This thing is such a bargain it's nearly unbelievable.
Something THAT good for the price is something I would totally recommend to anyone looking for a nice gigbag for their most beloved guitar.
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