the box pro Achat 104 A


Small Active Speaker

  • Equipped with: 4" Bass and 1" fabric dome tweeter
  • 50 Watt power amplifier
  • Max SPL: 109 dB
  • Frequency range: 100 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Dispersion: 90° x 90°
  • Connectors: XLR input and output
  • Dimensions: 144 x 146 x 214 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • M6 thread
  • Finish: Black structured lacquer
  • L-bracket included
  • Also suitable for micro tripod with optional art. 298731
  • Developed in Germany
  • Suitable bag: art. 489449 (not included)
Width 144 mm
Depth 146 mm
Height 214 mm
Weight 2,5 kg
Type Standard
Woofer size 4
Number of woofers 1
Ways 2-Way
Power (manufacturers info) 50 W
Monitor slope No
Inputs 1
Low Cut No
Fan No
Housing Wood
Color Black
disponibil din Mai 2014
numărul articolului 325264
unitate de vânzare 1 bucată(ăţi)
Width in mm 144 mm
Vnější výška v mm 215 mm
Outside depth in mm 146 mm
Number of Tweeters 1
Weight in kg 2,5 kg
Woofer in inch 4"
Number of Mids 0
RMS Power 50 W
Impedance in Ohms 0 Ohms
SPL max. 109 dB
100V power tappings Ne
SPL in dB 109 dB
Connector XLR
Cabinet/Intallation Cabinet
Beam angle 90 °
IP Classification None
Selling per Piece/Pair Piece
Wall Mount Yes
Frequency range (-10dB) from 100 Hz
Frequency range (-10dB) to 20000 Hz
Line Out XLR
Flyable M6
Stand flange mount M6
110V usable 1
Special Wall Mount 251424
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88 € 435,02 lei
Include TVA la care se adaugă 19,90 € costul de transport
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88 € 1
85 € 3,4% 2
81 € 8,0% 4
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Disponibil in 3-4 Saptamani

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CIPRIAN 15.11.2018
Este o boxa potrivita pentru cei care nu au pretentii foarte mari de la sunet, este mai mult o boxa de monitorizare a sunetului. Fidelitatea sunetului si puterea lui nu sunt punctele forte ale acestei boxe, insa este ideala pentru aplicatiile unde se monitorizeaza sunetul
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Filigorie inchisa
the sssnake SM10 BK 03.04.2019
Recomand am 4 topuri si 1 the box pro Achat 112 Sub A sunt folosite intr-un spatiu de 100mp !!!
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Din păcate a intervenit o eroare. Vă rugăm încercați din nou mai târziu.
Expected more
Tevs 06.01.2021
Having been pleased with the passive version of these speakers, I ordered 2x 104As to compare. I'm a little dissappointed at the comparison;
It seems that the volume control is acting as an attenuator before the amplifier rather than altering the gain. Therefore the speakers are very noisy! I have used the passive 104s as near field monitors before but struggle with these thanks to the loud hiss.
They evidently suffer from a low quality, internal amplifier as their tonal quality is inferior to that of the passive version (paired with t.amp TSA 4-300).
Cosmetically, the volume pot protrudes further than the rest of the cabinet which suggests vulnerability to damage and could foul otherwise tight fitting cases.

In an environment that would mask the noise and with appropriate EQ I'm sure that these would find their place. A relatively discreet, active loudspeaker with a "can't go wrong" setup. For the price, I can't complain too much but would still prefer their passive counterparts for many applications.
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Din păcate a intervenit o eroare. Vă rugăm încercați din nou mai târziu.
Top speaker
dutchsoundman 11.03.2021
My work is providing sound for webcasting and with a zoom/ teams call you need a small speaker for the foldback so the host can hear the conversation.
What a surprise, the sound is not what you expect from a speaker this size. Oke it starts at 100 hz, so what! It can go very loud.
You can also use it for small p.a.. Fill in speaker, on front of the stage or mount it on a stand.
I like the size and the various ways you can mount the speaker.
Build to last, old fashion wood, no plastic.
Conclusion: value for money!
Other more expensive active speakers are less versatile In mounting and size.
A have now 4 104A speakers and I am sure that more will follow :-)
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