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JHS Pedals Bender - Fuzz

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Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • Fuzz effect pedal from the 'Legends Of Fuzz' series by JHS Pedals
  • Based on the 1973 MK3 Silver / Orange Tonebender
  • Wide range of possible sounds through flexible tone control
  • Switchable JHS mode gives the signal more gain and a mid-boost
  • True bypass
  • Volume, tone, attack controls
  • Mode switch
  • Bypass foot switch
  • Status LED
  • Metal housing
  • 6.3 mm Mono jack input / output
  • Power supply via 9 V battery or 9 V DC power supply (not included)
  • 2.1 x 5.5 mm Coaxial connector, polarity (-) inside
  • Current consumption less than 100 mA
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 144 x 92 x 51 mm
  • Weight approx. 380 g

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Mostre de sunet

  • Crossover Off/On
  • Indie Off/On
  • Bluesrock Off/On
  • Bluespicking Off/On
  • Thrash Off/On
  • Hazey Off/On
  • Punky Off/On
  • Fuzzline Off/On
  • Metal Off/On
  • Mosh Off/On
  • Rock Off/On
  • Mai mult

Informatii aditionale

Overdrive No
Distortion No
Fuzz Yes
Metal No

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JHS Pedals Bender - Fuzz
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JHS Pedals Bender - Fuzz
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222 € Adaugă în coş
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Doode, I love this fuzz
Andyfromblackooze, 18.09.2020
I was bought this pedal as a 30th bday gift. Had been nerding out over Tone Benders during lockdown so the girlfriend decided to get me this, it's a clone of the Solasound mk iii Tone Bender and let me make this clear: IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.

Handling 5/5: I like to play in the extremes so I would be messing around with the attack (fuzz) knob cranked at times, it has a very smooth incline and can feel like a crispy distortion at lower attacks.

Features 4/5: I record loud, cranked amp tone always sounds amazing to me so I was excited to see the "JHS mode" button in action, its meant to add more gain and mids but on a cranked amp (volume level nuclear) this effect seemed to be quite small.. not enough of a big deal if you ask me. That said, the vol, attack and tone knobs are enough to do what I need.

Sound 5/5: The fuzz feels quite transparent, like an extension of your guitar tone which is a plus for me. I have been turned off big muffs in the past due to turning them on and my guitar sounding completely different. On the lowest attack levels this thing will have a lovely crispy fuzz tone and then it becomes more ballsy as you ramp it up. Does it sound gated? At the highest attack it kind of gates.. minimally. Does it clean up? Benders are not known for their clean up, but when the guitars pickup volume drops you can definitely get a little clean up. Wouldn't say it's the focus of the designer mind you.

Quality 5/5: Build Quality is spot on, love the 60s style cheese wedge housing. Just remember it's a clone of a 60s fuzz circuit and this thing wants to talk directly to your pickups so it has to go first in your chain before anything else. Otherwise these old circuit designs start acting a little delirious..

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Informații despre livrare

Livrare aprox. între Joi, 30.09. și Vineri, 1.10.

Persoane de Contact
telefon: +49-9546-9223-20
FAX: +49-9546-9223-24
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