Warwick Adam Clayton Signature CW


Bass Guitar

  • Artist Line - Adam Clayton signature model
  • Design: Curved Body Shape
  • Body: Alder
  • Bolt-on neck: maple
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Radius: 508 mm
  • Frets: 21 Jumbo Bronze (extra hard - width: 2.9 mm, height: 1.3 mm)
  • Scale: 863 mm (Long Scale)
  • Pickups: Seymour Duncan P - Quarter Pound (passive, SSPB-3)
  • Passive MEC electronics
  • Controls: volume, bass, treble
  • 2-piece Warwick bridge
  • Just A Nut III saddle
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Warwick security locks
  • Warwick machine heads
  • Strings: Warwick Red Strings .045 "- .105" (Article Nr: 144460)
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Colour: Cream White High Polish
  • Incl. Gigbag
Note Register your purchase at www.w-distribution.de/Warranty for an extended warranty of 4 years.
available since September 2015
Item number 369641
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Color White
Soundboard Alder
Neck Maple
Fretboard Maple
Frets 21
Scale Long Scale
Pickups P
Elektronic Active
Incl. Case No
Incl. Bag Yes
Signature Adam Clayton
Body Alder
Electronics Passive
Incl. Gigbag 1
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Good sounding bass with a few minor quality control issues
Ush. 05.04.2019
All my other basses are fender p or jazz basses so this was new territory for me. I bought this bass to use in my U2 tribute band. I chose to buy the Adam Clayton Warwick over the Adam Clayton Fender as it seemed to me the Adam Clayton used this bass a lot more the the green jazz bass. It was half the price and really looks the part.

The first thing that struck me about this bass was the weight. It's roughly 8 lbs which is ideal for a 2 hour gig. I have had this bass for about 5 months and have gigged with it regularly. It balances very well on the shoulder and feels very comfortable.

The Seymour Duncan SPB-3 pickups sound really great. They are hotter than stock fender p bass pick ups and they really cut through the mix in a gig.
The control layout is great with master volume, tone and bass knobs. This really gives the player alot of control over the tone of the instrument. The bass sounds full and articulate and has a vintage, familiar p bass sound. The action was low and the intination good straight out of the box!

The neck is very like a jazz bass with the same comfortable 1.5" width at the nut. Also I'd say that it is easier to access the notes higher up the neck than the fender basses. It has 21 frets too. It has a satin soft finish that feels fast and smooth. It's a three piece bolt on neck.

In terms of quality, I have to mention a few things: firstly two of the machine heads were loose as the thread on the washer was too shallow. The machine heads would slip slightly when I tuned the bass and they would require tuning on a more regular basis. This is not acceptable for a ¤1,000 bass. Secondly, the strings that come with it are of a poor quality ( ¤10 strings.... not good). These strings started to ware away at the frets (which are not brass despite the Warwick description).

I have up-graded my bass with some parts purchased from Warwick to try to bring it nearer the ¤5,000 custom shop version.
1. Ebony truss rod cover ( the plastic "Adam Clayton" one was too garish)
2. Just-a-nut III brass. ( I didn't like the cheap plastic one)
3. Ebony tuning pegs.
These upgrades give the bass a more elegant look but at an additional expense of about ¤200.
Finally I brought the bass to my local luthier for a checkup and setup. He fixed the issue with the machine heads easily enough and replaced the original plastic nut with the new brass one which he also filed to prevent the strings catching. He also put a fresh set of good quality DR strings on it. Now I have the bass I wanted! It's incredible what a difference a good set of strings can make. He did not need to make and adjustments to the neck and the bass had no loose frets either. Electrics were all sound too.

In conclusion, this is a decent light weight great sounding and versatile bass with some minor build quality issues, but at 1/5 the price of the Warwick custom shop Adam Clayton version. However unlike my fender basses, I would not gig with this bass without a backup.


Good but could have been better
Bassface1 27.04.2021
I got this as I was looking for a pbass for gigs but wanted something a little different than a normal precision bass. Let's start with the positive points: it is an amazing looking bass, great sound from the Seymour Duncan pick up and a nice curved body with a Warwick adjust a nut and supplied with a Warwick Rockbag. Has the option to register for an extended warranty. Set up was good, action was fine and the bass was well set up from the factory to be fair. Strings were good too. Now, for the negatives: This bass came with a neck pocket way too big for the neck. Cosmetic issue only, seems to play fine so far, but not good enough on a €990 instrument. Also, the bolts holes for the neck on the back were really badly drilled and chipped around the rim where the bolts go in to the neck. There are two strips of rosewood or similar running down the back of the 5 piece neck and one of these is quite high/swelled around the 12-15 frets. I found a tiny shard of metal on the pick up also. My thoughts on this bass: Nice bass but not good enough quality control for what is pretty much a €1K bass. To be fair, I want to make it totally clear this is a factory quality control issue and I must compliment Thomann customer care as they were really excellent. It is an average instrument at best due to these quality control issues and though a great looking, sounding and playing bass, it was let down by this poor quality control from the factory. For this reason it rates average. Overall, I am happy with it, if a little underwhelmed.


Buy with caution
Anonymous 14.08.2016
Bought this because I love Warwicks (have had a thru neck thumb for 16 years) but wanted something a bit more classic looking to play in a blues rock band. Thomann were the only place selling them and I couldn't afford a Streamer CV.

The set up wasn't amazing but it initially performed well and I was very happy with the sound. However disaster struck after I got it out to play at a quite high profile gig to find the action had increased massively - the neck had slipped.

I took it to an excellent luthier who found that the screws had stripped out from the body due to a very short neck pocket and short screws. This necessitated routing and inlaying stronger wood (wenge) and longer screws. It now seems to be fine but time will tell.

This would appear to be a design issue as opposed to a quality control one so I would be very wary about purchasing this bass.


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Moderner Preci mit schwächen
bassstoffel 24.07.2016
Das erste in die Hand nehmen, Überraschung , fühlt sich schön an. Flix mußte ich jedoch einstellen:
-Ab Werk waren die Brücken Böckchen lose .
-Die Oktavreinheit .
(hier arge Probleme, dazu später)
Der Hals ist nur sehr dünn mit Lack angepustet (Geschmacksache)
Der gebogene (Spector / Warwick) Body spielt sich gut, nur im sitzen, er eine leichte Kopflastigkeit hat. Ist halt die leichtere Erle als Body .
Die Daumen Stütze aus Holz find ich sehr gut positioniert, sie stört nicht beim Slappen, aber ist je nach Spieltechnik sehr gut angebracht.

Die passive Klangregelung von jeweils Höhen und Bässen getrennt, ist eine Klasse Sache, keine Batterie !
Die Höhen reagieren erst kaum merkbar, aber bei der letzten hälfte am Poti dann richtig beim Absenken.
Die Bässe dagegen lassen sich geschmeidiger herrunter schrauben, Live ne Klasse Sache, wenn es mal wieder auf der Bühne zwischen durch dröhnt , man kann den Amp in Ruh lassen .

Händling sehr ausgewogen.
P Pickup macht richtig Rockig , da kann der Amp schon mal knurren !

Leider hat der erste Bass einige Mängel gehabt, schade.
Wenn Warwick diesen Bass verfeiner würde, könnt das der Hammer im Verkauf werden denk ich.
Alt bewertes mit Modernem Bodyfeeling ohne Kopflastigkeit - Hammer.
Wurde mir nen zusätzlichen J- Pickup von SD und ein Rosewood Griffbrett auf 1 Teiligem Ahornhals mit Dots wünschen. Dazu eine bessere Verarbeitung - Dan wär das das Teil.

- Hals hat in der Halstasche zuviel spiel, er bewegt sich und knackt ab und zu, wenn man richtig auf der Bühne Rockt, kann das.....
- Halsende sehr rustikal ? scharfkantig- verarbeitet.
- Der Saitenhalter der Brücke ist wenn man mit der Hand von E nach G hin streicht etwas scharfkantig an den Kanten.
- Der letzte Bund ist nicht bespielbar, zu weit im Body.
- Die Einstellung der Brücke, hier sind die Böckchen schon ganz unten (tiefer geht nicht) und promt kommt man nicht mehr richtig an die Längsschrauben zur Oktavreinheit Einstellung. Man müßte also den Hals in der Halstasche unterfüttern, damit dieser höher kommt, um dann die Brücke höher und damit besser an die Schrauben zu kommen! Nachteil, der Hals hätte dann noch mehr spiel in der Tasche ? No Go !
- Dadurch kann man die Saitenlage mit der Brücke nicht tiefer stellen, dann wären die Längsschrauben wech ? im Body !

Dieser war wohl ein Montags Bass ,