IK Multimedia T-RackS TASCAM Tape Collection

IK Multimedia T-RackS TASCAM Tape Collection (ESD); tape simulation plugin; works within the T-RackS CS Standalone application or as a plugin; offcially approved and certified digital recreation of four legendary analogue multi-track recorders from TEAC and Tascam; developed in cooperation with Teac using Analog Tape Modeling technology based on convolution and physical modeling; contains the models Tascam 388, Tascam Porta One, Teac A-6100 MkII and Teac A-3340S; different types of tape to choose from: 35 / 911, 456, GP9 and 499 as well as cassette type I or II depending on the simulated unit; adjustable tape speed and Bias as well as different options for signal flow; True Stereo recreates the slight level, EQ and distortion differences between the left and right channel; Transport Modeling emulates the behavior of the mechanical transport with small irregularities in the movement of the tape

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Delay No
Dynamics No
Effect Filter No
Encoder/Decoder No
Equalizer No
Guitar amps/-effects No
Metering/Analyzing Tool No
Modulation Effects No
Multieffect / Plugin-Host No
Overdrive/Distortion No
Preamp / Saturation No
Psychoacoustic tool / Enhancer / Exciter No
Restauration No
Reverb No
Special FX No
Summer / Mixing Consoles No
Tape Simulation Yes
Pitch Shifter / Harmonizer / Timestretching No
Transient Processing No
Vocoder / Vocal effect No
Mastering Tools Yes
Hardware Controller No
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