Thomann Orchestra Stand Deluxe


Deluxe Orchestra Music Stand

  • Stable and of high quality
  • Removable, perforated metal sheet music holder
  • Plate is easy to attach and lock in place
  • Metal connecting pieces
  • Sheet music holder: 47 x 34.5 x 5 cm
  • Stand height: 64 - 114 cm
  • Maximum total height: approx. 148 cm
  • Folded stand diameter approx. 11.5 cm
  • Folded stand length approx. 61 cm
  • 1-Fold extensible
  • Tube diameter top: 2 cm
  • Tube diameter at the bottom: 2.8 cm
  • Weight: approx. 3 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Suitable case: art. 510009 (not included)
Available since January 2009
Item number 219064
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Height in cm 148 cm
Steel Plate Yes
Aluminium Plate No
Wooden Plate No
Perforated Plate Yes
Closed Plate No
Foldable Plate No
Conductor's Desk No
1x Extendable Yes
2x Extendable No
Colour Black
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£21.69 2.7% 5
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1640 Reviews

Better value than the standard version
Spanna 16.09.2015
I have used a couple of the standard version orchestra stands and while they were perfect for general use, I found that they struggled a bit with heavy loads and the plastic coupling between the upright and the flat music desk section tended of wear out (break) over time if you were trying to keep heavier loads in the correct angle to view comfortably. In fairness this was probably the result of me putting loads on the stand (big, heavy folders; heavy lamp assembly) that were beyond what was really intended.

However, the de-luxe stand has a metal clamp assembly between the tripod and the music desk part. This improves the ruggedness of the stand and I suspect it will increase the life of the stand even with non-abusive use. There is a slight drawback that the music desk part is slightly more bulky because the clamp is welded to the back and can't be folded down as much as the bog standard version, but as that folding down was part of what was causing the plastic clamps to wear out over time, I am prepared to live with the minor inconvenience. The price premium is only about ?5 for the deluxe version and I would recommend paying for the de-luxe.

If you're not going to adjust the stand much and only use lightweight music - the basic stand will suffice. If you're going to put heavier loads on the stand and adjust it / move it from place to place a lot - I'd recommend paying the premium for this stand.


Not that good.
Lipinhu 08.02.2024
Very fiddly and unstable. I bought it hoping that these were the 107195, never crossed my mind that the Deluxe word and the extra 6 euro would mean a lesser quality stand.
The finish is similar to the oder stand but the way its put together is way worse. Especially the conection in the back of the "shelf" which makes it swivel with just a little touch or little weight.
Buy the 107195 instead and save 6 euros.


Thomann orchestra stand
quinnie2018 05.03.2022
I have been using my stand for 4 years now. It is really solid, and I like fact that the music plate is big enough that music doesn't flop about.

To transport it I fold the legs and take the head off. It literally takes 10 seconds to take apart or reassemble - compared the time spent wrestling with those awful wire-type stands that turn inside out.

This stand is not exactly compact (compared to those wire types things), but I have a huge double bass to lug about anyway, and I think the improvement in quality is worth it.

Very happy with this.


The stability and reliability
Marco van Clover 29.06.2018
I am working as a sound, light and sometimes video technical in the post Soviet as it called "the house of culture" - I need to be "the universal soldier". Also I am playing in the two members cover band, so the need for the stand was born. I was starting to look for the stand - I want to get one which are stable, light and reliable, and cheap of course. I choose this one and get almost everything. This has solid metal construction and therefor also more weight as I wanted, but as my colleague in the cover band has plastic and lighter ones, I was a witness that he needed to order spare parts. I use this one as a stand for musical sheets and also for iPad to operate digital mixer - it is stable enough that I can trust my tablet to him. There are several times, that I need the small and transparent stand for video projector - therefor this item serves also because of its stability. Of course, there are rivets instead of the screws used in the basic of the stand, but if you want "the real work horse" this stand will be the ones to trust.