the sssnake SM10BK


Microphone Cable

  • XLR 3-pin male < - > XLR 3-pin female
  • Length: 10 m
  • Diameter: 6 mm
  • Wire cross-section: 2 x 0.22 mm²
  • Colour: Black
Available since January 2000
Item number 128513
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Length 10,00 m
Connector 1 XLR 3-pol female
Connector 2 XLR 3-pol male
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In stock

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2772 Reviews

Good quality XLR lead
Adrian3174 09.12.2015
I bought some of these to use as microphone cables but they would be equally at home for use as connections between mixers and powered loudspeakers. These cables are extremely cheap at just 6.19 EUR. For that price I couldn't even buy the plugs let alone the cable! The plugs certainly aren't Neutrik's but they are good enough quality to use with microphones and I intend to use these for karaoke with some cheap T Bone MB 60's The female connector locks positively with the microphone and the cable certainly doesn't look and feel like a cheap and cheerful entry level cable. The cable itself is quite flexible and should give years of service before it fractures.

So how does the sssnake sound? Well I cannot distinguish any difference in sound quality between it and a Cordial CAM 9 which costs more than double the price. I cannot detect any restriction in the upper frequency response. There is no microphony produced when handling the cable and I cannot detect any hum or noise even when the cable is placed directly next to mains cabling.

Would I recommend these cables, definitely yes! and at the price I would suggest stocking up before Thomann realise what a bargain these are and put the price up!


Still going strong after 7 years
markodarko 13.05.2014
I bought this cable nearly 7 years ago back in 2007 and I'm happy (and amazed) to report that it's still going strong! Now, I normally make my own cables (or used to until cables like this Snake came out meaning I can get a complete cable for cheaper than it'd cost me to buy one Neutrik XLR plug!) and ones I've bought in the past have nearly always failed - either in the cable itself or in the soldered joints. Not so with this one.

I initially bought it thinking that it was cheaper to buy this than buy the cable and plugs, then if it failed I'd replace the plug etc, but to my astonishment it's still going so I'm chuffed to bits about that.

Now, I must caveat this post with the information that I look after my equipment - especially my cables. I never, ever coil them tightly as that can cause breaks in the cable itself, and I never yank them or pull at them when they're plugged in - and that goes for Jack cables too. So I think if you look after this cable you'll have super cheap (price-wise), high-quality cable that'll last you years. Mine certainly has.


Kreso k 25.10.2020
After 2 years of use, almost all of my 5 cables that i bought have problems. It's not problem near xlr connector, it's broken at 2,3 meters far from XLR connector. I have some cables from Eurosong contest 1990 Zagreb and they work without problems! Skip this cables


They get the job done
Kass Fir 20.11.2020
You get what you pay for – the sssnake cables are the cheapest there are. In my experience, there are three options about the cable quality: they arrive broken (happens about 1/20 cases), they last for a few uses (like 1/10) and the rest will totally exceed your expectations and last a few years (17/20). The wires seem elastic, the connectors are a little clunky, but, if you aren't doing anything more complex than attaching a mic to a soundboard, the quality is adequate.

If I were on tour, I would buy a load of these to be used in case of emergency. Additionally, these are good for simple, amateur tasks, such as (as in my case) connecting a couple of mics to a H6.