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Thomann Lute Guitar De Luxe


Lute Guitar

  • Spruce top
  • Body made of Lacewood
  • Maple neck
  • Walnut fretboard
  • Width of the upper nut: Approximately 5.0 cm
  • Scale: Approximately 66 cm
  • Lower width: Approximately 33 cm
  • Body length: Approximately 50 cm
  • Total length: Approximately 102.5 cm
  • Height including bridge: Approximately 17.5 cm
  • Tuning: e, h, g, D, A, E
  • Includes bag
Colour Natural
Top Spruce
Back and Sides Lacewood
Fretboard Walnut
Nut width in mm 50,00 mm
Scale 660 mm
Cutaway No
Pickup System No
Case or Gigbag No
Item number 362397
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Excellent quality-Excellent value
Anonymous 26.09.2016
This arrived in 7 working days, with a nice roomy soft case, inside a robust box. The product is very well made and has good sonority and sustaining power.

It appears identical to products costing 10 times the price, which are often described as a colascione.

The ribwork, ornamental rose and finish are top quality,, and the carved head is a nice detail. The finish and varnish are incredibly smooth. No ridges or edges at all.

It appeared dull straight from the case, but all it needed to give a good shine was a rub with cello oil (Bellacura).
It is very light, and unless you are very fat (like me), the curved body sits well against the abdomen. A guitar strap attaches easily.

Three gut and three wound strings are fitted, with very sensitive and attractive gold-coloured gears which allow stable accurate tuning.

This is incredible value, as it can be tuned as lute or guitar,and is really two nice instruments for the price of one.


I am very happy with it!
Ponybard 10.08.2017
Though the lute guitars avilability kept shifting further away, (this is a custom instrument so im not complaining) once it became available, it was shipped here very quicky so I got it in my lap just 2 weeks or so after ordering.

The are minute, MINUTE defects which involve buzzing frets. I had to file a fret and restring the guitar as the strings werent sitting nicely in the saddle's grooves. However, I know it was flown here, to Asia so I can expect some imperfections, especially with the tropical climate.

For overseas customers in more humid countries, I suggest to send the guitar when you first get it to be set up at a music store or a luthier. So far the climate hasnt done shite to my guitar so its perfectly playable. Just place silica gel or something to absorb humidity in the guitar case and dont leave it exposed when not playing.

Important: the guitar is beautiful and sounds so warm, my only concern is protection! dont use leather straps. DONT! it will leave black marks on the luteguitar's body, like scoof marks from shoes on a wooden floor. Removable but a faint mark can still be seen. Use cloth for straps and avoid metal strap parts (buckles etc.). Plastic strap parts may also leave a stain if then rub against the guitar so i had to modify my strap tomake sure only the cloth of the strap touched the L-guitar's body.


Very good at this price point
MidWestLuteNut 25.08.2018
I got this for use in a Ren-Baroque ensemble I play in. I undecided between this and the standard cypress model. I understand the standard cypress is made in Portugal. it has a more "guitar" bridge and tuning head. I believe the deluxe is made in Pakistan. I went for the deluxe on the assumption that it has better woods. It also has more ribs in the back. I would have liked to play this and the standard side by side, but I am in the US.
The bridge and tuning head may be replicas of a period instrument. There is a tool mark on the carved head on mine.
I was very surprised at the fullness of the sound. Unlike other reviewers, mine has no fret issues. I still buzz because I am not used to holding it and it slips out of my fretting hand now and then.
The finish is extremely thin and matte, almost non-existent on the top. I may try a light coat of instrument lacquer.
This looks like a Roosebeck lute guitar available from some outlets in the US. The Roosebeck is made in Pakistan. It has contrasting ribs in the back, but otherwise looks pretty much the same.


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Anonymous 15.09.2016
Ein silbrig weich und dabei voll klingendes Instrument

Ich spiele klassische Gitarre und nutze diese "Gitarrenlaute" vor allem, um Renaissancestücke, die für die klassische Gitarre - in Fis-Stimmung - gesetzt sind, zu spielen. Dadurch gewinnen diese Stücke ein bisschen mehr Authentizität, ohne dass ich eigens das Spielen einer Laute erlernen muss. Der Klang ist dem einer Laute ähnlich, schön silbrig, weich, warm und dabei durchaus kraftvoll. Die Gitarre klingt natürlich immer durch.
Ein klein bisschen schwer tue ich mich mit der 65,5-Mensur - ich habe kleine Hände, aber mit ein bisschen Übung bei schwierigeren Stellen lässt sich das auch gut greifen.
Die Verarbeitung der Gitarrenlaute ist solide, Preis-Leistung stehen in gutem Verhältnis zueinander.

Ein gutes, empfehlenswertes Instrument - gerade für klassische Gitarristen, die zwischendurch einmal dem Klang der Renaissance nachspüren wollen.


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