SE Electronics X1S Studio Bundle


Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Studio Set

  • Consisting of sE X1S microphone, sE RF-X acoustic screen, elastic suspension with pop screen and 3m microphone cable

Features sE X1S Microphone:

  • Large-diaphragm condenser microphone
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Handmade capsule
  • LoCut filter: 80 Hz, 160 Hz
  • Pad: 0 dB, -10 dB, -20 dB
  • Gold-plated XLR contacts
  • Noise: 9 dB (A)
  • Boundary sound pressure level: up to 160 dB (THD 0.5%)
  • Requires 48V phantom power

Features sE RF-X Acoustic Screen:

  • Acoustic screen to reduce the influence of the room in microphone recordings
  • Effective multi-layer technology
  • Due to its low weight it is compatible with almost any microphone stand
  • Diameter / width: 41 cm
  • Height: 31 cm
  • Depth: 20 cm
  • Weight with clamp: 1.6 kg
  • Weight without clamp: 1.1 kg
Tube No
Switchable Polar Pattern No
Omnidirectional No
Cardioid Yes
Figure-8 No
Low Cut Yes
Pad Yes
shockmount included No
USB Microphone No
available since May 2017
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Tazmanian Ninja 29.09.2020
The X1S mic itself sounds a lot more expensive that it is. Its high-end sounds... high-end:)

The reflexion filter works remarkably well. Surprised me a lot! I especially enjoy using it with my ribbon microphones, to control the rear-reflections that their figure-8 pattern picks up.

The pop-filter also works fairly well, and will be fine for the needs of most users. I personally prefer the transparent sound of nylon pop filters, though. So I rarely have use the otherwise convenient filter that goes straight into the shockmount.

Oh, be aware that the popfilter has rough/sharp metal edges, that may ruin your shirt sleeve;) Something I was sE would remedy by coating the edges, or putting on a plastic bevel, as they've done on their Dual Pop Pro pop filter.

Speaking of that one, I wish sE would either supply the nylon part of the Dual Pop Pro with this package, or as an optional extra. I'd love the ease of sliding it straight into the shockmount, the same way as the supplied metal-filter.

However, the only two real minuses of this whole package, is the shockmount, and the "pad" and "hipass" switches on the mic body. I can live with the shockmount, as it works very well, and doesn't feel like breaking – despite the somewhat cheapish plastic feel.

The switches feel flimsy / loose. They and they're too easy to accidentally change to a different position by you, or the vocalist, when f.e. adjusting the shockmount's angle.

Their positions also don't line up with the printed marks on the mic body. So I always have to switch them back and forth, to FEEL that "ok, it's now in the middle position, so the hipass filter is disabled as intended, good."

I think most people will find the switches flimsy, but I also think many will feel they're "good enough". Personally I just love when my gear feels truly dependable and idiot-proof. And that's the only reason I intend to sell this mic, second hand. Otherwise it's superb: great sound.

sE makes fantastic products, overall. And their QC of before the products leave their factory also seem stellar. I've never received "a dud" from them.

Sadly, I can't say the same for various other brands.

Most notably Audio-Technika, whose products I've now decided to never consider, ever again. How about a mic that's wired so it's out of phase? So when you pair it with other mics, they cancel out eachother? Plus/minus, hot/cold, positive/negative... How hard can it be, for a mic manufacturer to get right??

IK Multimedia have also been severely disappointing. Both regarding their QC – and their careless "it's not our problem – and we don't we don't know the word sorry" attitude.

So I'm by no means put off by the above nitpicks. sE Electronics rock! I guess they need to save production costs somewhere – and it seems they rarely skimp on the audio quality of even their most affordable products. The X1A (their cheapest, entry-level condenser mic) is surprisingly good – and surprise many when they hear it for the first time. It sits well in the mix, cuts through, without sounding harsh in any way.

And I love love LOVE my sE X1R ribbon mic! It's one of the only mics that I've truly decided to never part with. I almost talk to it, like a family member, tbh :)


Guseva 06.03.2020
A great microphone. The screen is very good. Guys, I'm happy with this kit. For your budget, just wonderful. In this price category.this is the best.what you can buy . You can safely buy. You will not be disappointed for sure.


Great Value For Money
Don Diego de la Vega 07.07.2021
Compact, complete, cheap and competent, the four C's I like in my gear!
The setup takes you about 5 minutes, the microphone is actually a big surprise as it's versatile and gives a BIG sound.
I use this to record a radio show and vocals to my songs and they both sound more than adequate (though don't expect ultra-pro output).
Recommended unit!


Excellent unit!
BroadcastJames 09.07.2021
Does what it says on the tin. A fantastic microphone for what you pay. Excellent build quality and great sound too.


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