Millenium Laptopstand


Laptop Stand

  • Ideal for all DJs who use Rane Serato, Traktor Scratch, or other DJ programs
  • Dimensions of the shelf (L x W x H): 26.5 x 22.5 x 17-34 cm
available since October 2007
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Great value for the price! Repurposed as midi keyboard stand.
manofstrat 13.05.2020
I bought two of these to elevate my midi keyboard (Alesis VI49) on my desktop to have a wee bit more space for my desktop junk. It worked as expected! Even a single one might have been enough, but two seems more stable to me. The keyboard is almost a meter long.

Pros are,
it is very affordable for a laptopstand and has very sturdy, metal construction.
Its height is adjustable and it comes with foam padding on both surfaces.
Price is almost unbeatable!
Cons are,
the angle is fixed and adjusting something requires complete disassembly.
While using two of them to carry a thing, a keyboard in my case, two units are not identical to each other and one feet on each unit doesn't really undertake the weight as much as other two feet.

But since the actual usecase is different than what I use them for, I can't really complain...

Great work Thomann! Cheers,


Sturdy and Stable
Jack G. 14.09.2013
The Millenium laptop stand is a budget laptop stand, and as such I was worried that by saving money I would lose out on stability and sturdiness. I was wrong however, when the stand is set up, it is very stable, strong and sturdy.

The rubber mats that hold the computer grip the it lightly so that it doesn't slide around, while the angle keeps of the stand keeps it pressed against the turned up metal stoppers at the end.

The stand is largely unadjustable, except for height, for which you have 3 settings. The angle of the stand is fixed, and the minimum height is still quite high.

The main criticism I have is that it comes in about 10 different parts that have to be screwed together in place. This is fire for setting up at home, and if this is your only use for the device then, it is no problem. But if you are setting up for gigs, it can be quite fiddly to be trying to find a missing screw in the dark!

When it is set up, it functions perfectly well, and is a quality laptop stand


Tut was er soll
snoopz 23.05.2021
Ich habe seit einiger Zeit zwei davon auf dem Schreibtisch. Damit kommen meine Laptops auf die gleiche Hoehe wie meine Monitore. Auch im Live-Einsatz mit einem USB-DJ-Controller tut er seinen Dienst.

Der Staender ist ausserordentlich stabil, da aus solidem Blech gefertigt. Auf der Oberseite ist Moosgummi aufgebracht, das den Laptop am Absturz hindert und gleichzeitig ein Alu-Gehaeuse nicht verkratzt.

Die Hoehenverstellung erfolgt durch auseinanderschrauben, was zwar etwas dauert, aber die Stabilitaet erhoeht.

Spielt man staendig an unterschiedlichen Orten, so ist dieser Staender etwas zu klobig; er laesst sich wie gesagt nicht falten und selbst zerlegt ist er etwas unhandlich und schwer. Das war fuer mich aber kein Kriterium.


Simple yet does the job perfect
Aaron W. 30.07.2013
This stand is simple but perfect its strong and light . Not only can it be used with laptops but i have seen people use these for height extension for the likes of midi controllers . Its a versatile bit of gear but the only bad point I have is that , yes it dose come apart for 'easy transportation' but comes apart in 10 pieces some quite small and easy to lose . So I find myself just keeping the unit fully assembled and just through it over my bag which is cumbersome but saves my losing parts . Over all its a nice cheap bit of gear and for that price it still gets 5 stars from me