Gator GC-LPS Guitar ABS Case


Guitar Case

  • Moulded case for single cut guitars (right hand)
  • Material: Robust plastic
  • With aluminium lock profile
  • Interior with EPS foam padding
  • Neck support
  • Accessory pocket
  • Lockable
  • Weight: 3.82 kg

Inner Dimensions:

  • Body length: 469 mm
  • Body height: 88 mm
  • Body width (upper/middle/lower): 238 / 193 / 335 mm
  • Total length: 1059 mm

Outer Dimensions:

  • Length: 1110 mm
  • Width: 441 mm
  • Height: 152 mm
available since September 2008
Item number 212495
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Cases For ST-Style Guitars No
Cases For T-Style Models No
for double cut models No
Cases For V-Style Guitars No
foe semi-hollowbody models No
for single cut models Yes
Cases For Jazzguitars No
For Other Models No
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Normal mid level Gator case, but...
CeeAre 08.01.2021
I have many Gator cases and they do the typical journeyman's job, but on this one...the guitar simply doesn't fit.
The guitar is a HB SC-450 plus, the case is a GC-LPS (for Les Paul style single cut guitars), but it doesn't fit. The shaped cutout in the styrofoam interior is too small to accept the guitar, even though the shape is correct. I have seen on You Tube that I can (literally) beat the styrofoam into submission with a hammer, and I guess that's what I'll do, but still...a Gator case for single cut Les Pauls should fit a Harley Benton Les Paul single cut style guitar, right? I've contacted Thomann to see if I should exchange it (no response yet, but I'm sure they will soon...their Customer Service is top notch!), what? If this doesn't fit, then what DOES fit? There should be some sort of fitment chart to avoid this issue, but search though I have I can't find one. In any event, the guitar that I ordered with it is AWESOME, and I sincerely hope this case fitment issue is the very worst problem I have for the rest of this year. Man, that would make this a GREAT year!


Inexpensive & good!
Eckhard aus M. 14.02.2014
Compared several LP cases, and, well, obviously the Gator case won :) It's rather light, easy to carry (well-balanced), and my Gibson LP Special (worn brown version) fits perfectly.

Haven't toured with it, but after a couple of gigs (and a lot of travelling between home & rehearsal room) it still looks as good as new, seems to be really solid! OK, the ABS surface is a little prone to scratches, but well, that's Rock'n'Roll ;) Yet, no real dents or damages, the hinges and locks also seem to be very reliable, much better than with any cases in the same price range (or even a little above).

The SKB case I compared was even better in quality, but if you aren't a touring pro, the Gator is absolutely OK, good quality, all you'll ever need - at a really competitive price, so I'd definitely chose the Gator Case again!


Perfect and affordable for your LP
Rain214 05.06.2019
I'm really impressed with the quality of this case knowing that it cost less compared to other cases like SKB. It's really not that heavy and the padding inside really gives me a peace of mind that my guitar will be well protected with this case. The outside is very simple and looks very professional musician's guitar case. I was thinking on getting the SKB but it looks to bulky and heavy and it is also much expensive that is why I went with this Gator and I'm glad that I did because it's a perfect fit for my Epiphone Les Paul. I just wish that it could be a little lighter and has the option to choose the color of the interior padding but over all, I really like this case.


Bomb proof
bar2022 19.03.2022
Quality case that will protect you pride and joy.