Gator GC-Bass ABS Case


Bass Case

  • Suitable for standard bass
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium lid
  • Inside with EPS foam padding, neck brace, accessory compartment
  • Lockable lock
  • Weight: 5.71 kg

Internal Dimensions

  • Body length: 539.8 mm
  • Body height: 76.2 mm
  • Body width (top / middle / bottom): 349.3 / 349.3 / 349.3 mm
  • Total length: 1206.5 mm

External Dimensions

  • Length: 1257.3 mm
  • Width: 406.4 mm
  • Height: 146.1 mm
Model Universal
Finish Plastic
Colour Black
available since September 2008
Item number 212517
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Now your bass has a luxury home to live in!
Anonymous 25.02.2017
This hardshell case is made of ABS plastic and built very well. Inside case, the interior is made of EPS foam making it more stable for transportation. It glued to case shell solid and there are no problems with quality.
The EPS foam is covered with plush lining so interior is soft and suits all types of bass finishes and protects instrument from being scratched. Neck cavity is designed to keep instrument tight, snug and immobile.
Cavity for body and headstock has a lot of space so there are no worries to put inside non-classy bass. In my case with custom designed instrument with quite large headsotck (like imagine to have Caparison or other ?devil horn? headstock bass with four tuners in a row) I worried that it will not fit, but did. Space is enough to put there also pack of string or strap next to headstock. It also has recess for basses with angled headstocks.
Body cavity is also good for any types of bass bodies - either it has asymmetry like Jazz bass, or singlecut.
Another great option is two pockets for pedals. Mainly it has height to fit Boss-like pedals. 3-5 pedals could fit in one of these pockets. It is good option to keep not only pedals but also some maintaining tools for your bass inside the case without worries that they will ?hang around? inside while transporting.
Latches are lockable and keeps your instrument secure. Aluminum reinforcement parts of case increase overall stability. Comfortable handle is solid and withstand weight of full case packed with bass and pedals - you won?t drop your bass on ground.


A bit disapointed
Anonymous 11.04.2016
I have bought this case to use it for my Marcus Miller Sire V7 bass. Having used in the past cases and gig-bags from Gator, it was a "default" when it came to selecting a case for the bass.
The case seems sturdy enough, like it could take a bit of a beating and still come out intact. The latches are pretty sturdy and close fairly easy.
The problem I have with the case is the inside space for the bass. It is a pretty tight fit width wise, although it is a standard jazz bass in dimensions. The big problem is with the height of case's interior. The V7 from Sire has a couple of stacked knobs, which are probably a bit higher than the usual knobs found on a bass guitar. Therefore, when closing the lid, it presses against the knobs to the point where you have to force the lid a tad to close it. Not the most safe feeling when you want to know the instrument is well protected. Unfortunately, most guitar / bass producers will not tell the overall height of the instrument (knobs included), so there is really no way of knowing if it will fit until you try it. And to be frank,most of the time it is the width and length of the instrument that are verified when purchasing a case that is "one size fits all" type.
- sturdy construction
- not too heavy
- nice inside lining
- not enough room height wise
- handle could be a bit beefier and with a softer grip.


Is it as good as older Gator's?
Nyli 12.03.2014
I purchased this case for my Fender Squier Jazz Modified Bass....(Length 117cm/Width34cm/Height7cm).
The bass fits fine.
After having a look at my Gibson, Epiphone, and Takamine guitars i have realised all of my cases are made by Gator.....
Firstly the case arrived in perfect order, It had two keys, and warranty card...
The locks work fine, they secure and release properly, so that cannot be faulted....
My main/only concern is to me the top of the case which has the Gator logo on doesn't feel as sturdy as some of the other Gator cases. Don't get me wrong the case is solid, and will protect your instrument it's just that when i put some force on it it has just a little more give than the other cases seem to have....I don't know if this is me, or if in the time since i last bought a Gator case (7 years ago), they've started to use slightly cheaper materials in whichever Chinese workhouse the cases are made in....To be honest i would have given the case three and a half stars, but you can only go up in whole numbers......
To summarise all of my cases are made by Gator, they protect over £1700 worth of my guitars, i do trust the brand, but just wonder if they're trying to save a little on materials...Like i said it could just be my strength pushing on the case. I am 110 kg, and 200cm.
I would say buy with confidence though, since i've used Gator for the past ten years, all keys work, all locks close, cases have dropped..but guitars inside have been fine, nice soft insides, and they're very good value....


Bang for buck as always
Keeks 01.12.2021
Gator stuff is very very reliable, I've seen tonnes of these cases running around the city so I got one. I am writing this review 8 years after buying it and I'll happily say this is worth double the money you pay for it. Tough, Light, good latches. Not indestructible like a lot of hard cases, but this one did a round trip in the cargo hold of a plane from Dublin to Paris without as much as a scratch! While I was a little worried about that trip, I was delighted to see my precious Jazz bass was still in PERFECT condition, as was the case
Besides the big coffee stain I left on it, its still in perfect condition today!!


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