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Gator Foam Case Bass


Foam Case

  • For bass
  • Body length: 53.34 cm
  • Body height: 7.62 cm
  • Lower bout width: 34.62 cm
  • Middle bout width: 34.62 cm
  • Upper bout width: 34.62 cm
  • Overall length: 120.65 cm
Model Universal
Finish Plastic
Colour Black
available since June 2010
Item number 250314
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Available immediately

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3 Sales Rank
Great for Ibanez SR basses
P Angus 29.10.2019
I bought this for my Ibanez SRF705, fits like a skin, they must be making this case with the bass in mind, if you are considering this for your Ibanez SR, look nowhere, but not so great for other basses.

I tried this case with all my basses, here is a summary
Ibanez SR, fits like freaking hell
Musicman Stingray, not so recommended, usable but it's like your are in someone's jacket
Warwick Infinity, likes it's in the wrong shoes
Jazz Bass, fit snugly, a bit on the tight side
Yamaha BB, OK but not snugly perfect

Protection is strong, I'll trust this with all non flight situations, think it's sturdy enough for flights too but that depends on airlines, some are infamous for breaking instruments, need a coffin for those times.

I was looking at the Ibanez original case too for better fit, glad I chose this one, fits very well and saved some money.


Compact and sturdy
Anonymous 28.01.2017
I bought this case because I wanted something lighter than the traditional hard case and something that might also stand up to the rigors of travel. While of course it is not as sturdy as a full hard case, it has some benefits as I believe that it is small enough that it will also fit in the overhead compartment of larger aircraft, or at least in the coat closet for airlines that allow you to bring your guitar on board. It would be risky to put your bass in it and put it in checked baggage as it is in the end, foam, and probably not designed for that.

The case fits my 34 scale length, 5 string bass just right, but I don't think that anything too much bigger would fit. The case is well designed, light and importantly no larger than it needs to be. It has enough compartments and pockets to store your bass cables, straps, and maybe one or two effects pedals.

You can carry it with a shoulder strap or with a handle type strap. The only thing I would add to the design is backpack type straps for someone who would like to carry it on their back.

Would probably buy one again if I needed another case and would recommend it to anyone looking for a bass case..


Brilliant case!
Beverley 17.05.2013
I bought this after seeing my friend with the guitar version, where I immediately wanted to get one as well. This case is a brilliant in-between for any musician, the high quality case provides the high level of protection that the gator shell hard cases have but with the travel lightness of a standard gigbag.

The case provides ample pockets and little contours on the inside of the case for any accessories or sheet music that you might have. Previous to this I had the gator shell hardcase, however traded it in just so I could purchase this. If your looking for a little more protection for your bass but don't want to compromise on the portability of your gigbag consider this foam case, you wont regret it.


Good quality case for any serious musician.
Cheap price - £18 cheaper than the shell hardcase but just as much protection.
Light - travelling will be no problem with this.
Space - a lot of space for any accessories you have.
Fits most basses so can be used for your whole collection.


Light, well built, well priced
sfed 05.02.2018
I got this case along with a Sire V7, which fits

The case is light and well balanced to carry around.
It is robustly built with sufficient and sturdy padding.
The inside material is really soft and of good quality,
For the quality of this product the price great, I would recommend it without a second though.
the extra spaces inside, on the sides of the instrument, do not have covers to keep the small things you probably keep there like metronomes, tuners, cables, belts etc firmly in place.
the strap can be used to carry it like a back pack (as i thought when I got it) but it kind of slips, it's more designed to be carried as a woman's handbag i guess.
Last one, and probably I'm nitpicking here, keep in mind the case is light, it seems to tilt easily from left to right when you rest it upright

despite the small cons i recommend this case, the price and quality are excellent. I hope I helped you in deciding on your next bass case


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