Mackie 1604 VLZ4

16-Channel Mixer

The legendary 1604VLZ4 compact mixer now combines the renowned Onyx preamps and with the high signal-to-noise ratio, for which Mackie has been known for a long time. All 16 channels provide Onyx preamps, line inputs and inserts in a compact 4-bus design for professional application in different fields. Moreover the 1604VLZ4 impresses with its solid design as well as with a high contrast coloring of the ergonomic surface, enabling simple and intuitive handling. The Mackie 1604, through its use in several broadcast stations and post production studios and because it is the most used band mixer, has a unique selling point in the world of compact mixers.

  • 16 Mono microphone/ line inputs (XLR/ jack)
  • 4 Stereo Aux returns
  • 6 Aux sends
  • 16 Channel inserts
  • 8 Direct outputs
  • 3-Band EQ with parametrical mids
  • Low cut filter 18 dB
  • PFL
  • VLZ 4 Onyx preamps
  • 48V phantom power
  • Integrated power adaptor
  • 4 Subgroups
  • Master insert
  • Symmetrical jack output
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 445 x 129 x 440 mm
  • Weight: 9.1 kg
  • 19'' rack mount included


Incl. Effects Unit No
19" Rack Compatible Yes
Mic Preamps 16
Stereo Inputs 0
Aux 6
Phantom power Yes
Integrated Power Supply Yes
Parametric Yes
Digital Interface No

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Mackie 1604 VLZ4
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Mackie 1604 VLZ4
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Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
Versatile mixer small enough to fit into 19" rack
AnalogAdrian, 26.04.2019
Versatility - loads of inputs / outputs and routing options allow you to configure this mixer for any kind of setup.
Portability - 16 channel mixing desk which folds in half to fit into 19” rack for ultimate portability.
Value for money - you're not going to find another mixer with this many features and such high quality at this price point.

Small, tightly spaced controls - if you've got big fingers and the mixer is awkwardly positioned it can be fiddly.

I have been using this mixer for over a year and I am delighted with it. This is my first serious mixing desk, I have previously owned DJ mixers and small 2 - 4 channel instrument mixers.

I wanted a mixer with lots of Aux sends and returns as I have several outboard audio processors: 3 compressors, 2 filters and 1 multi FX unit.

The 1604VLZ4 gives me all the inputs and outputs I need and there are plenty of posibilities for future expansion.

The 6 aux sends (switchable between pre / post fader), 4 stereo returns, 4 mix busses and CR / phones routing matrix lets me route audio in any number of ways through my outboard processors.

The subgroups are very useful for running two main mixes in parallel, in my case (electronic music producer) I have all the drum tracks on subgroup 1-2 and all the synths on subgroup 3-4. This allows me to run all the drums through a dedicated compressor and run the synths through other individual compressor channels and put the entire synth mix through a filter at the end. Awesome!

The solo button lets you route any track through the fourth mix bus (after L-R, 1-2, 3-4) and the routing matrix lets you use this solo bus in several ways. In my case, I have attached the CR / phone output to the input of my sampler, so I can solo any one or multiple tracks to record a sample, without interrupting the main mix. Very useful.

The the 8 direct outs offer lots of posibilities for future expansion, for example connecting to computer audio interface or other gear.

Now to cram this much into a 19” rack format means some compromises: The knobs and buttons are tightly spaced, and everything feels a bit smaller than it could be. But despite my big fingers, it only took a couple of days to get used to the small controls. I found that placing the mixer lower than the rest of my desk allowed me to look directly down on the controls, and now the size and spacing does not bother me at all. The pots are accurate, smooth and have minimal give.

The fader caps look strange but they feel and work great! My big fingers sit comfortably in the groove, and the little slot cut into the centre allows you to line up with the scale which would otherwise be obscured beneath the fader cap. The faders are my favourite part of the mixer in terms of physical controls. The plush movement, minimal resistance, satisfactory travel distance and funky fader caps make for a very comfortable and accurate mixing experience.

Sound quality is excellent; I have not heard any noise or hum or crackles or anything.

Build quality is superb. This mixer is solid as a rock and despite being exposed to more dust etc than the rest of my equipment, it is suffering no signs of wear and tear after 12 months of regular use.

Those of you with limited space or the need for portability, this mixer is a Transformer - more than meets the eye. To rack mount it, you remove a few screws and fold it in half basically. I put it inside a floor standing rack so now it's desktop footprint is zero. The whole thing is small enough to fit in the seat of a car, etc.

My single criticism is that the buttons do not illuminate. A few have an LED next to them, but mostly you need to take a close look at the side of the button to see if it's depressed or not. I guess this isn't a standard feature so I can't really blame Mackie for this.

I do not use microphones so I have no comment on the mic preamps.

I would recommend this mixer to anyone looking for a 16 channel analogue desk with lots of aux sends / returns, multiple busses and numerous routing options.

I would also recommend this mixer to anyone looking for their first mixing desk - if you are daunted by aux sends / receives / busses, I assure you this mixer has what you need to get started and the routing options to experiment and learn how best to connect your kit.
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Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
Luotettava laatu
Thorsten A., 20.08.2015
Nykyisen remontin äidin kaikkien 19 "konsolit hallussaan, mitä legendaarinen malli lupaa. Alun perin skeptinen äskettäin suunnitellut fader caps, mutta päätin ostaa joka tapauksessa, koska voit tarvittaessa" klassisia "fader caps Uusien korkkien etuna on, että voit sovittaa fader-korkin valkoisen keskilinjan konsolin pinnalla olevaan mittakaavaan - vaikka näkymä olisi vinossa eteenpäin mikseriin (kuten Haittana on ilmeisesti enemmän esteettistä ulkonäköä (ja siten katsojan silmää), mutta ei, kuten pelättiin, haptisessa. Vaikka tukipinta sormelle keskimmäisellä alueella kevätkannu on kapeampi, mutta pystysuoran kourun ja tavallisen leveän pehmustuksen avulla korkin ylä- ja alaosassa tämä on hämmästyttävä W Lyhyen asettumisen jälkeen tämä ei ole mikään ongelma. Teknisten tietojen alalla äänen muutos edeltäjään vaikuttaa olevan vain marginaalinen. Täällä ei ole mitään valitettavaa, vaikka jotkut kilpailijat näyttäisivät tulleen avoimemmiksi tällä välin. Mekaaninen laatu on edelleen erinomainen.
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In this guide we’ll concentrate on the functionality of hardware mixers. They are an essential part of any live sound systems and studio setups.
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