Adams 2PARFKG26L American Position


Pedal shell timpani

  • With copper shell and fine tuner
  • Size: 26"
  • American lineup (deep timpani on the left)
  • Remo Renaissance skin
  • Uses a patented tensioning system which reduces the number of tensioning points for the skin from six to three
  • From the inside, the tension is automatically distributed, so that it remains the same throughout the tensioning of the skin, which also keeps the sound quality constant
  • The new, revolutionary height adjustment makes it possible to adjust the timpani and the whole mechanism between 80 and 90 cm in height
  • The solution for juvenile timpanists who would like to have their instrument a bit lower
  • The patented coupling system makes it possible to transport the timpani in every car
  • The underframe is completely foldable and therefore easy to transport
  • Weight: 47 kg
Playing position International Playing Position
Size 26"
Fine Tuner Yes
Material Copper
Hammered Shell No
Myynnissä vuodesta Joulukuu 2015
Tuotenumero 375084
2 499 €
Sis. ALV. Ei sisällä 15 € rahtikulua
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