Terms & Conditions #SummerMusicMadness

Note: Participation in an online competition or the chance to win is separate and independent of an order for goods from Thomann GmbH! This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram, YouTube or Facebook and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Participation in sweepstakes and contests on the Musikhaus Thomann website (www.thomann.de) and their implementation is governed by the following provisions:

§ 1 Sweepstakes

This contest is organized by Thomann GmbH, managing director: Hans-Thomann-Str. 1, 96138 Burgebrach, Germany (“organizer”).

§2 Participation

1) Persons over the age of 18 are eligible to participate.
2) To take part in this contest, an artist or a band uploads a (smartphone) video to Facebook or Instagram in which they play outdoors in a “special or unusual” place with their musical equipment – it is important that the Hashtags #SummerMusicMadness and #thomannWin are used so that the jury can find all entries. A few nice lines of text, as a description of the video, are, of course, also welcome.
3) As a “special, unusual outdoor place” we define a location where nobody would expect music. An example would be e.g. Outside by the river, in the forest, on a football field, on a rowboat, etc. In contrast, “usual” would be e.g. Places where music is typically being made.

§3 Exclusion from the competition

1) Employees of Thomann GmbH, their cooperation partners and their relatives (e.g. parents, siblings, spouses) are excluded from participation.
2) In the event of a violation of these conditions of participation, in particular through the use of unauthorized aids and other manipulations, the organizer reserves the right to exclude people from the contest. If necessary, in the case of such violations, prizes can also be subsequently withdrawn and reclaimed. Each participant may only submit one contribution or one idea. Important: The social media profile of the participant or the competition entry must be set to public.
3) The competition entry must be the poster’s own material.
4) We would like to point out that everyone who wants to participate is responsible for the content of their contribution. We appeal to the common sense of all those who want to participate to pay attention to others when creating their videos and not to commit any criminal things (trespassing, vandalism, harassment, etc.) and never endanger themselves or others. Should this occur, we reject any responsibility or claim for damages. We call on you to treat other people with respect when creating the competition entry, to protect their personal rights and not to do any criminal or dangerous things that could harm others or yourself. For example, it is okay to ask if you can enter a property etc. and play there etc. and of course only with the permission of the owner etc. to do so. In general, if you are unsure, we always recommend asking for permission beforehand.

§4 Execution and processing

1) The contest starts on  Monday, July 25th and ends on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022  at  23:59:59 (CEST). During this period, participation in the competition is possible by publishing a video with the appropriate hashtags as described above. After the correct participation listed above, a jury consisting of Thomann employees will select the lucky winners from all participants who have participated correctly.  If the participants have won, they will be contacted by the organizer via email or direct message (Instagram and Facebook).

2) When awarding prizes, the focus is not on the musical claim, but on the overall package consisting of originality, creativity, humor, entertainment, performance and musical presentation.

3) The winners will receive a message from the competition organizer informing them of the further procedure. Winners will provide the organizer with the requested data to process the Sweepstakes in the allotted time, if not, the organizer will be entitled to nominate an alternate winner and the original winner will not be awarded the prize.

4) It is important  that competition participants have activated their message function on Facebook and Instagram, otherwise the transmission of the prize can be made significantly more difficult or even impossible.

§5  Prizes

1) The prize includes a total of 3 vouchers from Thomann. The first prize will receive a Thomann voucher worth 500 euros, the second prize a Thomann voucher worth 250 euros and the last prize a Thomann voucher worth 100 euros. The winners do not receive a voucher in the usual sense, but a credit to their Thomann customer account.

2) If a band consisting of several members wins, then the band itself is responsible for dividing the profit among all members.

3) An exchange of the prizes or any winning substitute is excluded. The right to the prize or winnings substitute cannot be assigned to a third party.

§6 Advertising

The participants of this contest agree that no financial or other claim against Thomann and the other organizers arises from distribution via the Internet and other media. In addition, all participants in the Contest agree that the organizer may use their Contest Entries for advertising and promotional purposes, including (but not limited to) radio and television broadcasting, advertising purposes and public performance.
The winners of this Contest consent to the use of their names (including any artist names) and, where applicable, photographs and filming for promotional purposes relating to this Contest, including publication in print and on the web.

§7 Data protection

1) The participant agrees that the organizer stores all data required for the implementation of the competition for the duration of the competition. The organizer has partially transferred services that are necessary for the implementation and processing of the contest to third parties (“cooperation partners”). The data of the participants will be stored by the cooperation partner(s) for the implementation and processing of the competition for the duration of the competition. All data will be deleted after the contest has been completed and processed.
2) By participating in this contest, the participants agree that their data may be processed by third parties for the stated purposes, in particular by the organizer to third parties.
3) The participants can revoke the consent given to the processing of their data at any time. The revocation must be made in writing to social@thomann.de. In this case, however, the organizer may have to exclude you from further participation. Furthermore, with regard to the data collected, you have the rights to information and correction guaranteed by the Federal Data Protection Act.

4) The organizer undertakes to protect the privacy of the participants and assures that the data will be processed in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, the Telemedia Act and the European Data Protection Directive (95/46/EG) and EU Data Protection Directive for Electronic Communications 02/58/EG. In particular, reference is made in this context to the general data protection regulations at http://www.thomann.de/de/tho_privacypolicy.html  .

§8 Liability

1) The two organizers are released from all obligations when the prize is handed over.

§9 Miscellaneous

1) Legal recourse is excluded.

2) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is exclusively applicable, excluding the reference provisions of private international law.