Quiz – Can we guess your favorite music genre?

Quiz – Can we guess your favorite music genre?

Do your personal traits reflect your taste in music (and vice versa)? Find out whether this quiz can reveal the music genre that feeds your soul!

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Joe has been singing since he can remember and started playing guitar when he was 10. He's been using it as a songwriting tool ever since. He is passionate about melody and harmony and admires musicians who create these in unique ways. Check out his alternative / indie projects Best of Feelings and Zef Raček.


    Totally wrong

    i hate indie love edm–> Dubstep


    I love classical music

    Totally wrong…. Hate Jazz with a passion …love the Blues

    I am jazz ~ wrong ~ I am rock!!!

    Completely wrong -can’t stand indie ! Bluesman till I die.

    Again, totally wrong. Hip hop is only above country in my musical taste. Awful stuff.

    Yeah I suppose.

    Crap. Like metal but not what I listen to. Blues and most riff based guitar music.

    Indie… My taste in music are complex, But indie are not included..

    Absolutely wrong.
    Metal/blues etc, but not indie.

    i got indie, what a load of bollocks, its punk / hardcore punk for me !

    Indie…completely wrong.

    Rock, Metal, Punk…you get the idea.

    I got indie which was extremely wrong. It should’ve been rock n’ roll

    Absolutely right! I love Blues!!!

    Absolutely right. Hip hop. I’m amazed

    I like electronic, but me FAVORITE is dubstep

    You got wrong again, i took the test again, and you choose electronic AGAIN, im telling you, my favorite is DUBSTEP

    Dubstep is a sub-genre of electronic aka EDM or electronic dance music

    Nice I got what I liked metal

    I like Electronic, but I like Dubstep better

    I got blues totally wrong i’m a indie kind of gal

    It got it right! Rock <3 I'm a rock gal haha

    It said indie……. i like alternative……..

    It got me right, I love Metal. But Johnny Pan ,Dubstep is Electronic, you mongoloid.

    Said I was indie. I’m actually swing jazz

    close but no cigar… i like metal but also a little rock. p.s my answer was rock.

    Got blues for me, yep! Gotta love a bit of the old Chicago blues

    Correct.. Metal \m/

    electronic music. good guess

    Kind of, I like rock from the 70’s and 80’s mainly some early 90’s, but overall, I enjoy rap and hip-hop.

    Blues…IDK.. I’m kinda undecided? Indeed, punk, classic rock, classical sometimes. Not really a blues fan though.

    I am rock… what kind of rock we talkin bout here… igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary…
    No I’m just kidding but if we talkin like classic rock… yeah that stuffs cool. But break out the freaking death metal and you got me hooked! I also like country, pop, electric, dance electric, a couple of Disney songs, heavy metal, metal, stuff that’s like just piano, One Direction (Yes ik that’s pop), and dubstep. Like the hard, heavy-hitting bass kind of dubstep, that’s my absolute favorite. Now with ALL of those music genres, I wonder if you guys would believe me if I told you I was a 14-year-old girl. Weird right???? Lol.

    Surprisingly it said I’m metal. That’s right.

    I got hip-hop. Definitely wrong.

    Aye, got it right! I prefer rock and it chose rock.

    Aye, got it right! I like metal and it chose metal. Although I do like many genres from k-pop/ pop to punk/Rock.

    kinda accurate, I listen to some metal

    I do like Hip hop but mostly Punk Rock

    Right on I’m metalhead

    my favorite genre isn’t jazz. its rock/alternative rock.

    Blue isn’t really my thing…
    I love Indie or alternative rnb

    HA! got metal, am metal. this was so right! SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SLAYYYYYYERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Love you’re name btw)

    I got electronic it was right. Also to all the people saying they got electronic but like dubstep better. Dubstep is electronic music it’s a sub genre of EDM so if you like dubstep then you like electronic music.

    “I am metal”
    For once these quizzes got something right about me ?


    totally right . I LOVE ROCK

    well, i guess? hip hop is not the right word for it though.

    They are absolutely right! Fvckin metal girl right here! I loves me some death metal, deathcore and (yes, go fvck yourself if you hate it) metalcore!

    YES!!!! I COMPLETELY agree with youre music taste, INCLUDING deathcore. I love myself some suicide silence, slaughter to prevail, job for a cowboy, infant annihilator, ect. I’m not so into metalcore though, (except for stuff like Dillinger escape plan) but thats fine.

    Wrong. I used to love hip hop, but it was actually KPOP so yah.

    Wrong. I used to love hip hop, but it was actually KPOP!

    I got Indie, but i’m actually R&B.

    Totally right, metal all the way????

    metal- yeah, i’m more into rock, emo, pop punk, but I guess metal will suffice 🙂

    I guess your kinda right i mean i dont wanna be mean i do kinda like metal but i really love dubstep and speedcore but i mean i guess its alrighty (but good job so far?)

    Yeah, wrong. Indie, metal, rock, prog. Any of those would have been an acceptable answer, I got Jazz… Jazz!

    YEAH!!!! metalhead for LIFE \m/

    Jazz…WHAT? I HATE JAZZ WITH A PASSION. I’m a indie and pop girl- metal too. I don’t know what jAzZ they see in me but no. Just no.

    No I hate Indian totally wrong I love like hip hop and twenty one pilots

    I am rock. I am suprised it got it correctly that usually never happens.

    I got jazz. I like jazz, but it’s not my favourite. My favourite is reggae

    ”Im rock” is almost right but still wrong, ”Im Metal” is the right one. Though I prefer telecasters Wich I think confused the quiz.

    Wow, it actually got me right! My favorite music genre is indeed EDM. Nice.

    Absolutely correct

    Electronic is my favorite music genre but honestly, it could better if you precise what kind of electronic music people are listening (such as dubstep, house, drum & bass, uk garage, bass house, psytrance, trance, electro house, big room, etc).

    Has this quiz been removed? I don’t see any Start button.

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