Beatmaking Contest
Beatmaking Contest – Thomann Bedroom Producers

Beatmaking Contest – Thomann Bedroom Producers

⚠️UPDATE⚠️ We have received an unbelievable amount of entries for the contest and will require more time to review them all. Therefore, the livestream has been postponed to June 21st, 5 PM CEST. 

Welcome to the best Beatmaking contest of the year – get ready to showcase your creative skills and musical finesse as you craft a beat by using the sounds of Treppendorf! All you have to do is create a beat utilising a special Thomann Sample Pack, which contains dozens of unique sounds.

🎧 #ThoBeatmakingContest 🎛️

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More Information

🎛️ How does the Contest work? 🎹

Source Material

The sample pool consists of field recordings from the surroundings of the Thomann shop in Treppendorf, a wide range of quality instruments and of course pure, unexplainable sample magic.


Creativity and Originality

Your goal is to craft a captivating beat that transforms these samples into a mesmerizing musical composition. Think outside the box, experiment with different genres, and blend these unusual samples with your signature style to create something truly exceptional.

Technical Requirements

  • Duration: Your beat should be between 30 and 60 seconds long and must contain at least 3 Thomann samples.
  • Software/Hardware: You are free to use any beatmaking software or hardware of your choice.
  • Sample Manipulation: Feel free to slice, dice, stretch, warp, pitch-shift, reverse, and creatively manipulate the provided samples. You can apply effects, layer sounds, or incorporate additional elements to enhance the final composition.

Submission Process

  • Deadline: Submissions must be made by June 11th, 23:59:59 CET
  • Format: Upload your final beat in a high-quality audio format (e.g., WAV or MP3) to Dropbox/Google Drive and attach a link to the form you will find below
  • Description: Include a brief description of your creative process, highlighting the unique techniques used to transform the given samples.

That’s it! After the contest has ended, our jury will do a pre-selection with all the beats. Once we’ll have the top 20 narrowed down, we will choose the top 3 winners in a dedicated livestream on June 21st, 2023. The judging criteria will include but are not limited to originality, musicality, production quality and overall impact. Good luck! 🍀

Read the full Terms & Conditions here 📄


Find some inspiration!


🏆 Prizes 🏆

The top three winners of the contest will receive:

🥇 1st Place
2.204€ value


🥈 2nd Place
1.358€ value


🥉 3rd Place
897€ value

💪 I want to participate! 💪

Contest has ended


🤳 Winners announcement 📹

Tune in to the live stream by clicking below and don’t miss the winners announcement! 👇

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More Information

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Simon's passion for music generated a long time ago, and led him to become a guitarist and self-produce his music with the band Onyria.


    Cheers !

    I was wondering if I can participate in this contest since I live in Switzerland (?)

    Have a good one,

    Instead of Dropbox/Google Drive, may I send a WeTransfer Link?

    Hello, unfortunately Dropbox and Google Drive are the only file transfer methods we are accepting for this contest. Good luck!

    Hi! Are we allowed to use other sounds outside from your sample pack?

    Yes, of course. You just need to include 3 samples from our pack. Best, //Joe

    I have the same question as Mikael. Apart from the pack, I used a kick and a vocal from Splice and a synth vst.

    That’s totally fine! Looking forward to hearing it! //Joe

    As far as I understand you are allowed to use anything. Only requirement is to use at least three samples from the samplepack. So I guess what you did is fine @TheManWithNone.

    I also used some external Drum samples and a vocal.

    Is it ok if it’s more than 60 sec?

    Unfortunately, 60 seconds is the maximum. Anything longer will be rejected. Good luck!

    Can I submit more than one beat?

    hi, what kind of structure should the beat have if it’s 60 seconds long?
    I’d like to make a intro-verse-chorus type of beat, but this way it wouldn’t conclude.

    Hi, my beat is finished, it lasts 60 seconds exactly.
    But the audio tail of 2 seconds makes it a bit longer and slightly above 1min . Is it OK or you are really that strict about the timing?

    they said on another reply that everything over 60 seconds will be automatically discarded

    hey, my submission is exactly 60 seconds, I assume that is ok amd won’t be automatically rejected?

    Lew, I have also 60 secs track and hope it´s OK as it is written here on this webpage in Technical Requirements. Good luck 2 all

    any chance I can re-submit my entry past the deadline? noticed a small issue I want to adjust. if not no worries!

    I wish I would have heard a bit earlier about this Contest, as I had only about two Days to complete my Submission. But hey, I made it about two Minutes before the Deadline and apart from the Snare Level, I wouldn’t change much. I would just turn it into a complete Song and drop some Lines on it to kill that Beat. ;P Flipping these Samples into a Beat was pretty inspiring. Great Prices by the Way. Good Luck to all the Submitters!


    in your text it says Wednesday, June 14th 2023 at 3:00 PM CET.
    But the youtube livestream is on 22th of June. So i guess the text is typo?

    Also my beat is no longer than 60 sec but the file is 1:01 for some reason.
    I hope it will not be rejected.

    Thanks 🙂

    Hi, when will we get to know who won, because there are two different dates in the discription…

    Goodmorning, I had the same question about the livestream (date and time). And found out that this website have a commentsection per country. In the German-site the following reaction is given:

    ‘Wir werten derzeit noch die Ergebnisse aus. Der Livestream wird am 22. Juni um 18 Uhr stattfinden’.

    So the livestream will start the 22th of june.


    Hello, I have made a full song using one of the player’s entry of the contest.

    We have several questions in the event of publishing our full song on paid streaming platforms:
    – can we use the given Thomann’s stems without restrictions or we have to replace it?
    – can we use the entry without restrictions (even in the case it wins the prize?)

    Thanks by advance for any clarifications

    Hey, when is the last date one can submit a beat? I just found out and want to participate..

    It’s already over 🙂

    Hello, the file i submitted on time with the rights to read and download was never opened

    Looks like my entry has the same problem like ikb’s , never been opened my Google Drive says. What a pity, i was really excited about this competition, put a lot of work in it and i think it got really good and deserves a chance!

    Thinking about it its possible Google just isnt accurate, actually i havent even used Drive for sharing so what do i know. I think if the Thomann Team would have needed more time for listening to all entries they could just move the live stream to one week later, i cant believe they wont listen to everything. Anyway, good luck everyone!

    yeah, i also noticed that my files on the google drive haven’t been accessed by no one but me since i’ve uploaded. it would be a shame if they don’t listen to all entries…

    As far as I know you can’t see if someone has viewed your google file if it’s on a public link. So I wouldn’t worry too much about that. 🙂

    Wow Thomann… Just WOW!

    Let’s get right to the point….

    First off… Who and exactly what are these judges?
    Why not get industry professionals to judge, in the first place?
    The industry pro’s have a way better understanding, comprehension and
    insights into music… Not like these 3 ‘judges’. Sensho just sat there saying
    ’yeah’ with his hand on his mouth the whole time. Adding absolutely nothing
    to the whole affair. Why was he there at all?

    The top 3 beats were VERY predictable and totally NOT fresh or mind blowing!
    Just the same old, same old, that’s been heard before. Absolutely nothing groundbreaking
    or marginally original in sound design, use and overall sequencing. I heard better examples in the top 20 and the beats people posted online after completion and before the judging started. The 3 judges just picked the most obvious and uninteresting choices.
    And yes, there is some unintentional bias perhaps… These guys just picked the type of stuff they listen to personally. So even if something truly monumental was submitted, they would ignore it and just pick the beat that they personally like or the style of music they listen to. So the decisions seem extremely contrived and very limited in their scope.
    That’s exactly why industry pro’s would make much better judges. Because they are not limited to just their personal taste and likes. They are more open minded and have a broader vision of what works and what doesn’t.

    Next time, just get a bunch of 10 year old’s and watch them pick beats that sound like
    the Teletubbies soundtrack! Eaaaaaasssssyyyy! Also, next time don’t do a live stream…
    Too many silent pauses and endless ‘ugh’ and ‘yeah’. The whole show could have been done in 30 minutes. In a succinct, direct and a professional manner. These 3 judges are completely out of their depths, professionally, as judges and as presenters. And the fact that they are somewhat biased and very limited in their musical knowledge, tastes, wisdom and what makes an unique beat.

    Many people online through their comments, see the same patterns as stated above.
    That the judges are naturally biased, based on age, and extremely limited in their tastes and musical genre choices. Very safe, very predictable and just boringly lame! With not enough consideration for the ‘big picture’ or thinking outside the box. These 3 guys don’t have the knowledge or experience to judge a contest like this. And considering they all look like they just finished puberty!

    Thomann, please do not use these judges again! It’s like getting 3 jazz heads to judge a trance contest (As an example…). Of course they’re going to be inclined to pick something that sounds jazzy and up their alley. And on top of it, they probably wouldn’t have the necessary mental insight to judge the trance tracks fairly. Everything would be seen through a jazz lens. So the exercise would be completely pointless!

    Now imagine, how professional judges with years of production experience, success and a broad understanding of music and genres in general, could have judged this contest?
    Very differently I presume!

    Not impressed Thomann… Not impressed!

    Hello Not Impressed, we are so sorry that you are not happy with our judges, nor with our winners. In our hearts, you are all winners, we’re very proud of what every participant achieved. Have a good one! //Joe

    Naa don’t be that guy!
    I wonder if you, “Not impressed”, would have written the same comment had you been elected in the top 20. 😏

    I mean what did you expect?? Its not like the Grammys for beat makers. It’s just Thomann doing a marketing stunt handing out some gear. 🤷🏼‍♂️
    No one forced you to complete, it was free, and they don’t own your beat.
    Really unnecessary to trash talk the judges.

    I too couldn’t help feeling a bit pissed missing top 20. Comparing to the elected beats I felt I had a chance.
    And I wasn’t super happy with the top 3 either. There were more interesting options just among the top 20.

    But hey, it’s music. There’s always taste involved, also among the “professionals” you speak of.

    And 1600 entries! Meaning a 1/80 chance to be top 20. Easily missed even if Skrillex AND Quincy fkn Jones would have liked your best the most.

    You mention there have been other comments, and that people have posted their beats.
    Where is this?
    I’m very curious to hear some more beats from the competition.


    Hello nookerai,
    Thanks for being reasonable here. We appreciate and admire everyone who participated. Thank you! Let the music live on and keep on creating. Cheers, //Joe

    Well, everyone who is disappointed with the results, should listen to Sensho’s
    music and you’ll understand why those 3 winners were picked.
    Sensho’s stuff sounds like the same lame and boring song done over and over again.
    The guy is completely limited in his vision, scope, breadth and style!
    Why did Thomann use this guy at all? Just because he does some tutorials?
    Other more experienced producers have done these lessons a million times already.
    Thomann, this guy is absolutely useless! Please use true industry professionals
    as judges in future competitions. Not trying to be harsh, just realistic!

    Hi Not Cool,
    Thanks for your feedback. We’ll take it into consideration for the next one! Have a nice day. //Joe

    Where can I find the winner’s submissons?

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