3 for 2 – Fat Deal on Pedals!

3 for 2 – Fat Deal on Pedals!

You are a guitar player thinking about getting your hands on some new effects pedals? Well, come on in, we have a great deal for you from BOSS: if you buy two compact pedals from us, you will get a third one on top as part of our “3 for 2” deal. This exclusive offer is valid from October 01 to November 16, 2015. Important note: the cheapest pedal (based on RRP) is the one you will get for free.

Since there are almost 50 pedals to choose from (47, to be exact), you will be hard put to decide on only two! All of them will treat your ears to excellent sound. Whether you prefer the crunchy distortion of the DS-1, the classic reverb of the RV-6, or the inspiring RC-1 Loop Station  – we are sure you will find something to make you happy in this comprehensive list of all eligible compact pedals. Furthermore, we have bundled our customers’ favourite combinations of floor effects devices to make your choice easier. You will find, for example, inspiration on the DD-7. Furthermore, we have given you information on the individual effects. Of course, we are more than happy to advise you personally. “But how can I get my free BOSS compact pedal,” you ask?

This is how it works  

  • Go to the Thomann website, look at the pedals by clicking on  this link and configure your dream pedal board.
  • Buy two BOSS compact pedals.
  • Register your new pedals on boss3for2.com/en/ and choose the pedal you want to be sent for free.
  • Lean back while your free pedal is being sent to your home by Roland.

In our Video we have test played a few of the pedals for your:


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And talking of videos, we would also like to introduce our brand new pedal videos , which are available starting now for about 100 pedals from our portfolio, including most of the pedals eligible for the BOSS 3for2 sale. There will be additional videos every Monday from now on.

The intention is to give you a good overview of each pedal. Apart from offering you cool sounds, we mainly want to make your decision what to buy or not to buy easier if you find yourself unable to test play the gear you intend to buy.


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