Do you have a day off or are in transit with the kids? Your band wants to test new equipment and shop? Then you’ve come to the right place!

For musicians, stage technicians and music-loving families, we have a tip for your days off: why not visit the Thomann Campus with Europe’s largest music store (again)? ? We summarised 10 reasons why this small village, Treppendorf, in the depths of Franconia is the number one destination for music lovers and stage technicians.

And if you can not come in person, our online shop thomann.de is always open ?

1. Europ’s largest music store

You need (or simply want) a new instrument? Your pets have eaten your equipment? Then come to our music gear paradise! Musicians and stage technicians from all over the world travel to our Thomann shop in Treppendorf – often together with their families and/or bands: 10 specialist departments (guitar, bass, drums, studio, strings, brass …) and an inventory of more than 80,000 unique products are waiting for you. ?

2. Professional advice & best service

The “Thomen” & “Thowomen” in the departments are more than happy to advise you and share their musical tips with you. Does your instrument need a repair? Then you’re in the right place when it comes to repairs in our service centre: 6 specialist workshops bring instruments and equipment back to life!

3. Directions, warnings & laughs

The Thomann campus has many more surprises to offer: our signs not only warn of impending dangers (“Wild Running Rockers“*), they also make you smile. For visitors, they are popular photo opportunities for Instagram or the analogue family album. #MyThomannTrip ?

*The “Wild Running Rockers” sign can now also be purchased as a souvenir from us. Click here. ?

4. Delicious food in the UFO

Come onboard the UFO, it will take you to a planet of culinary delights! The building with the peculiar shape is our t.kitchen, the Thomann cafeteria. There are various hot dishes, cakes and everything that makes hungry visitors even more satisfied, at fair prices and in a cozy atmosphere. ???

5. Have fun on the Thomann campus

In Treppendorf the fun factor is 10! Whether it’s a photo booth session, a rest in the hammock or stumbling upon another funny road sign – discovering these attractions is all part of the Thomann visit. You will remain entertained for the duration of your stay ?

6. Networking

In Treppendorf, it doesn’t matter if you’re a stage technician, trombonist or metalhead, you’ll come together with like-minded people. Look forward to good conversations with other musicians. There are rumours that more than a few bands were formed through contacts who met in Treppendorf ?


7. Meet your idols

You can often meet talented (and famous) musicians at the Thomann campus.  We have concerts and “Meet & Greets” where you can look them straight in the eye and even exchange a few words with them. Among others, top acts like Glass Bead Game, Die Happy, Dirty Loops, Dorje and John Petrucci rocked out here. All events can be found in our event calendar.

8. Learn new things

Not only do you have the chance to meet your idols, but also to learn about instruments and equipment as our amphitheater regularly hosts workshops and seminars, which are always free!? In our event calendar (in German only, sorry) you will find information about all upcoming events.


9. Get to know Franconia

Blooming landscapes, delicious beer and excellent food – Franconia is simply beautiful and the perfect place to enjoy a nice vacation. Popular destinations are quick and easy to reach from Treppendorf : Nuremberg, Würzburg or Bamberg will all inspire you. Treppendorf and the region offer reasonably priced and comfortable accommodation and camping sites. ?


10. Experience an unforgettable day

The most important reason for you to come here: you will spend a fantastic day here. If your family or band is with you, even better, you’ll experience beautiful moments together. ❤

We’re looking forward to seeing you here! ?


Hans-Thomann-Str. 1
96138 Burgebrach / OT Treppendorf

Opening hours in Treppendorf

Monday to Friday – 9:30 to 18:30

Saturday 9:30 to 16:00

Sunday – CLOSED

If you can not come in person but still want to have a look into your favourite department, then we recommend the live video consultation (← YouTube link) from our online store.

With live video consulting, you can visit all departments of Europe’s largest music store and have your favourite instruments / equipment presented to you, remotely, by our product experts!

Watch this video (← YouTube link) to see how it works!

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