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Den stora Thomann Online-Rådgivaren: PA-Amps

9. Conclusion

Choosing the right power
AmplifierA device for increasing the power of a signal by taking power from a supply and shaping the output to match the input signal.
can be a complicated business, but if you follow the guidelines set out here, especially those concerning
ImpedanceThe term for electrical resistance when applied to AC current.
RMSRoot Mean Square: a way of calculating the average power over time to give a meaningful value representing the power of an audio signal. Generally thought to be the most meaningful way of measuring amplifier power output.
power, and protective circuits, you should get years of trouble-free use from your
AmpereUnit of current; the amount of electricity flowing through a conductor. One Ampere is equal to the flow of 6.25x10^18 electrons through a conductor in one second.
, not to mention superb sound. Thanks for taking the time to read this Online Advisor, but for now, start practicing your “check - 1-2, 1-2...”.