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Os grandes conselheiros on-line Thomann: Drum Mics

2. The Drum Kit

Before making your first recording with your newly purchased mics, first take a look at the drum kit itself - a poorly maintained, bad sounding kit will sound just like that, however good your recording of it! Before putting mics anywhere near the kit, check for unwanted noises, rattles or buzzes from loose harware and ill fitting drum heads, and oil any moving parts. Much to the chagrin of the drummer, an engineer will often go around adjusting each drum to get the sound as good as possible at source, checking for what a drummer might miss, but that a
MicrophoneA device which converts airborne sound into an electrical signal.
won’t. Does the kick drum need dampening with a spare pillow or blanket inside the shell? Do you need to adjust the snare and tom tunings, or
DampTo reduce vibrations - in music this usually refers to the technique of reducing an instrument's vibrations and overtones by touching it in some way, to shorten the length of the note and deaden the timbre of the sound. For example, a percussionist may place the palm of his hand on the skin of a kettle drum, or a guitarist might use the wrist of his plectrum hand to rest against the strings. Also used to describe the effects of acoustic treatment.
any excess ringing with gaffa tape? Inexperienced drummers may not be very good at tuning their kit – it may well pay you to take a lesson with a good teacher just to do this – a well tuned kit can make more difference than all the processing your computer is able to provide after the event.

A standard "5 piece" drum kit is usually consists of a kick drum, snare and three toms, plus a hi-hat, ride and
CrashA computer state of sudden inoperability. A crash usually occurs when two processes are attempting to use the same memory space simultaneously but may also be caused by bad programming, corrupted drivers or an unexpected response to a system process.
cymbals. Each are very different in sound and function, which is why as a rule, engineers will use a different
MicrophoneA device which converts airborne sound into an electrical signal.
for each part of the kit. Another important factor when miking drum kits is the stands - accurate
MicrophoneA device which converts airborne sound into an electrical signal.
positioning is critical both in terms of how the source will sound, and whether the drummer ends up whacking your precious purchase! So don’t go for the cheapest stands for this type of
ApplicationSelf-contained program directly performing a specific function. This contrasts with the operating system, server processes and libraries which support application programs. Also used to distinguish programs that communicate via a graphical user interface from those which are executed from the command line.
as they will often be more difficult to make small adjustments to, and their booms may be prone to slipping under the weight of the
MicrophoneA device which converts airborne sound into an electrical signal.

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