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Os grandes conselheiros on-line Thomann: Cables, Leads & Connectors

5. Instrument Level Leads

This term denotes the strength of an
AudioGenerally used to mean "sound"; technically it describes periodic fluctuations of air pressure or electrical energy at frequencies and amplitudes within the human range of hearing; sound, or electrical energy that represents sound; acoustic, mechanical, or electrical frequencies corresponding to normally audible sound waves.
signal used to transmit analogue sound information between components such as electric guitars,
EffectsGeneral term applied to audio processors for dynamics, time, ambience and equalisation whether in the form of 19" rack units, guitar floor pedals, or software plug-ins.
pedals and guitar amplifiers. It is much lower than line level at just -20dBu. Instrument leads are typically
MonoSingle-channel sound recording or mix, as opposed to multi-channel formats such as stereo and surround sound.
, flexible, terminated in1/4-inch
JackA connector used for audio input/output on many devices including sound modules, mixing desks and guitars. Usually found in 6.4mm and 3.5mm varieties, either mono, or stereo/balanced/TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve).
and will have at least a braided screen. However, in some situations, this screen alone will not be enough to prevent handling
DistortionIn most cases distortion is an undesirable alteration to a signal which occurs when a piece of equipment is driven with a input level that is too high for its operating level. Sometimes, as in the case of guitar distortion, this can be an intentional and desirable effect.
created by the lead moving around in the previously mentioned airborne EMI. A second line of defense is required, especially if you like to play your electric guitar at high
Volume1) In audio and music, the loudness or amplitude of a signal. 2) In computing, a fixed amount of storage space, addressed as a single entity ('C:', 'D:' etc). A physical drive may contain more than one volume, but a single volume may also span more than one drive!
TrimThe initial gain control on a mixer or other audio device such as a mic preamp, often labelled 'gain'. Trim/gain adjustment is crucial to maintaining a clean gain structure and good signal-to-noise ratio.
. To this end, many quality guitar leads use conducting plastic as well as braided screens to fully mop up the remaining EMI. Belt and braces? Not when you turn up to 11! With this enhanced fortification, care must be taken to limit the cable length, to avoid treble loss due to the
CapacitanceThe ability of a conductor to store electric charge. Measured in Farads where capacitance (C) equals amount of charge (Q) divided by voltage (V).
problem we discussed earlier.