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Miscellaneous Spare Parts

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RockNRoller R12RT (All-Terrain) RockNRoller R12RT (All-Terrain) Carriage, lenght 86cm - 132cm, Width (frame bed): 35cm, width (rear wheels): 50cm, height (folded): 31cm, height (unfolded): 106cm, stored front wheels: 8"x2" R-Trac, rear wheels: 10"x3" R-Trac, weight: 15kg, load capacity: 227kg
info  €129 Available immediately
Ibanez Multitool Hex Wrench MTZ11 Ibanez Multitool Hex Wrench MTZ11, features: 1.5 / 2/2.5/3/4/5 mm allen wrench, 6 7 mm hex wrench for truss rod adjustment, screwdriver (cross / slotted), 50 mm ruler
info  €13.70 Available immediately
Ibanez 4449EP Rasp Set Ibanez 4449EP1 - 8-piece rasp set (010, 013, 016, 024, 032, 036, 042, 054).
info  €88 Available immediately
Cruztools GTR-1 Cruztools GTR-1 Guitar Player Tech Kit - guitar players may know a little about truss rods and action, but few actually attempt adjustment. That's a shame, because a good set-up will improve your performance. The GrooveTech provides everything you need to work on your guitar, plus an easy...
info  €59 Available immediately
Fender Custom Shop Tool Kit Fender Custom Shop Tool Kit by CruzTools This kit contains all the basics for most minor adjustments, including a 4-in-1 screwdriver, hex wrenches, ruler, diagonal cutter, capo, feeler gauges and guitar string winder. These are the same high-quality setup tools used by the pros, and everything...
info  €59 shipment due to arrive on 06.08.2014
Göldo WS045 Fretboard Guard Göldo WS045 Fretboard Guard - protects fretboard when working on frets.
info  €2.95 Available immediately
RockNRoller R2RT (Micro) RockNRoller R2RT (Micro) Carriage - the smallest RockNRoller model, lenght 66cm - 99cm, width (frame bed): 28cm, width (rear wheels): 36cm, height (folded): 16,5cm, height (unfolded): 78cm, stored front wheels: 4"x1", rear wheels: 6"x1.50" R-Trac, weight: 7kg, load capacity: 159kg
info  €59 Available immediately
RockNRoller R14RT (Mega Cart) RockNRoller R14RT (Mega Cart) Carriage, lenght 107cm - 152cm, stored front wheels: 6"x1.50" with brake, rear wheels: 8"x2" R-Trac, load capacity: 318kg
info  €129 Available immediately
Line6 JTV BA12 Battery Line6 James Tyler JTV BA12 Charger, replacement Li-Ion recharable battery for Line6 James Tyler Variax
info  €39 Available immediately
Göldo Back Box Göldo Backbox - for vintage tremolo systems, helps to keep the guitar in tune.
info  €14.90 Available immediately
Fender Pickup Tubing Set Fender Pickup Tubing Set Genuine Fender® pickup tubing is ideal for mounting new pickups just right and for replacing pickup springs or older tubing, Package includes 12 pieces of rubber tubing
info  €9.70 Available immediately
Gibson PRTR-010 Truss Rod Cover BK Gibson PRTR-010 Truss Rod Cover - original bell truss rod cover for Gibson Les Paul, blank version. Colour: Black
info  €9.80 Available immediately
Chess Tools Guitar/Bass Multi Tool Chess Tools Guitar/Bass Multi Tool 17 piece Universal Bass & Guitar Tool with the most frequently required allen wrenches in mm and inch; 6x Ballhead allen wrench 5mm, 4mm, 3mm, 2,5mm, 2mm, 1,5mm, 7x Ballhead allen wrench 1/20", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 3/16"; 1x Flat 2,5mm 1x PH1...
info  €11.90 Available immediately
RockNRoller R10RT (Max) RockNRoller R10RT (Max) Carriage, lenght 86cm - 132cm, Width (frame bed): 35cm, width (rear wheels): 50cm, height (folded): 28cm, height (unfolded): 103cm, stored front wheels: 5"x1.25", rear wheels: 10"x3" R-Trac no flat, weight: 13,6kg, load capacity: 227kg
info  €99 Available immediately
Ernie Ball Tool Kit 4114 Ernie Ball Tool Kit 4114, 13 allen wrench (for U.S. ST-style bridges, 1.27 mm for M3, 1.5 mm, for U.S. 1/16 inch, 1.6 mm, for U.S. 5/64 inch, 1.98 mm, M4, 2mm, for U.S. 3/32 inch, 2.4 mm for M5, 2.5 mm, for U.S. 7/64 inch, 2.78 mm, for Floyd Rose, 3mm, for U.S. Bullet, 3.2mm, for truss rod,...
info  €49 Available immediately
Göldo EL90X Cable Göldo EL90X Cable - 1 piece, shielded, specially designed for pickup wiring. Length: 1m
info  €1.50 Available immediately
Thomann Fret File Thomann Fret File - 150mm contour file.
info  €18.90 Available immediately
Göldo WS44G Trussrod Göldo WS44G Trussrod - 440 x 6 x 9mm, two bars (left thread + right thread), 6mm slot width. Weight: 132g
info  €9.90 Available immediately
Harley Benton Humbucker Frame Screw Set B BK Harley Benton Parts Humbucker Frame Screw Set - 4x screws for humbucker frames (bridge position), long length (18mm). Colour: Black
info  €1.80 Available immediately
RockNRoller Mini Handtruck RockNRoller Mini Handtruck, Carriage, 2x 6"1.50" R-Trac wheels, dimensions folded: 61cm x 38cm x 17cm, dimensions expanded: 99cm x 35,5cm x 63cm, weight: 4,3kg, load capacity: 91kg
info  €29 Available immediately
Cordoba Soundhole Cover Cordoba Soundhole Cover, used to minimize feedback, the suitable for all models of the Cordoba Fusion, Luthier, Iberia and La Playa series, diameter: 86mm.
info  €16.90 Available immediately
Fender Thumbrest Fender Thumbrest - original part for Fender P & J basses, includes screws.
info  €6.30 Available immediately
Göldo Capacitor 22nF Göldo 22nF Capacitor - well suited for tone control application on guitars and basses, especially for humbucking pickups.
info  €1.30 Available immediately
Gibson Bell PRTR-020 Gibson Bell PRTR-020 - original truss rod cover for Les Paul Custom, signed with 'Les Paul Custom'. Colour: Black.
info  €13.70 Available immediately
Göldo EL900 Profi Shield Screen Göldo EL900 Professional Shield A great set of different self adhesive Copper foils (sheet & stripes), some wire and solder to shield Pickguards, Pickups and electric cavities. dimensions: 18,5 cm x 13 cm
info  €12.80 Available immediately
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